Ultimate Blog Party 2010 Prize – $50 Cash

UPDATE: Please visit our Party Post here, comment & we’ll comment back, follow & we’ll follow back, etc. As we prepare to join the Ultimate Blog Party 2010, American Muslim Mom is offering one winner a $50 cash prize, to be transferred via paypal as one of the US and Canada Only Prizes (Prize #35). ($50 U.S. Dollars of Canadian Dollar equivalent). Ultimate Blog Party 2010Since the ever-growing prize list is filled with spectacular prizes, my girls and I couldn’t figure out what would be great for any mom or dad regardless how many kids s/he may have and what ages they may be…and, considering possible non-parents, we wanted to offer something every person would value.

So, we came up with direct cash deposited into your paypal account!

Looking forward to seeing you on the party page soon, inshaAllah (God willing)! :-D

UBP10# Prize $50

Here are detailed instructions on how the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 will work.

If you want to win our prize, we’re listed in the “US and Canada Only Prize List” as

35 - $50.00 CASH ~ Paypal Transfer. ($50 USD or current CAD conversion rate)
Provided by: American Muslim Mom
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