Tips on Finding a Job

Man Circling Help Wanted AdsLet’s face it, finding a job can be challenging these days. I graduated four years ago with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and English. I have had numerous jobs since then and have learned some tips and tricks on finding a job.

Tips for the Job Hunt

  1. Network. I can’t stress how important networking is. Get to know the people around you: your professors, neighbors, colleagues–even your Twitter followers. I found two jobs by simply networking with people at one of my jobs (ironic, right?). Introduce yourself, exchange cards and keep in touch.
  2. Work your way up. If the only job you find after you graduate is flipping burgers–do it! You have to start somewhere. Sitting at home and whining about not finding a job won’t help, either. Start anywhere, and you will eventually find something.
  3. Stand out. Focus on your strong points when looking for a job and at your interview. Have an online portfolio or blog so people can can easily find you and your work. I’ve had an online collection of my articles for some time and can simply ask an editor to browse through my web page. I would recommend going to graduate school if you can. Check out this piece on, The Muslim’s Guide to a Successful Job Interview. Also see this article about why grad school is worth it.
  4. Preparation. Prepare for your interview! I once worked at an office at my university, and a young lady came in for an interview wearing jeans. Take the time to dress appropriately for work, even if it’s for an office assistant position at your university. Make sure to do your research before going to the interview so you can find out about the company. Let them know you want to work for them and why.
  5. Don’t give up. When I graduated, I applied to at least 50 positions. Keep searching. Look online, in your newspapers, and email several companies with your resume. At one point, it may seem as if you will never find anything — but you will. Be confident and optimistic.

Do you have any tips that you’ve used in your job search? Please add to our list of five in the comments below.

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  1. Nicole Schuman says

    This is really a big help for those who are finding jobs, because we all know that finding job nowadays are really hard. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Walter Johnson says

    This is a great post. I totally agree with those five points you mentioned. One should never give up. The best always awaits at the end.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. says

    I used to have a hard time finding a job too, until I saw an ad over at one of my Twitter connections about a book keeping job. That job was enough to get me going during the recession and it really helped me appreciate my work more

  4. says

    And if working for others does not do it for you, establish your own business. It can be intimidating in the beginning, but it is only impossible if you make it impossible. Above all, make du’a to Allah to help you through your search and decisions.

    Btw, I love this post. It is very well written, to the point, and very advisable I must add.
    Barak Allahu feek for sharing.

    • says

      Salam Madinah.
      Yes, great post I agree. Having been an entrepreneur since 1995, I agree with you–but entrepreneurs are still the minority, so I need more tips here from the workforce sisters. If you’d like to share your are of expertise in a guest post, please contact us through our contact page.

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