Saffron Road Halal, All Natural, Gluten-Free Indian Entrees – Review and Giveaway

We are proud to share with you Saffron Road, our country’s first Certified All-Natural, Halal and Humane frozen Indian entrees! Animals are Pasture Raised, 100% Vegetarian Fed, and Raised Without Antibiotics or Hormones. Saffron Road, the packaged food branch of American Halal Co., debuted 4 entrees in Whole Food Markets in August 2010.  America’s first Certified All-Natural, Halal and Humane frozen Indian entrees.

Available Entrees include popular Indian dishes: Lamb Saag, Lamb Vindaloo, Chicken Biryanii and Chicken Tikka Masala. Each entree is linked to their packaging, to read each entrees’ nutrition information, ingredients used, and easy preparation options. Please click here for a Saffron Road Indian Entrees Product Fact Sheet.

Saffron Road Review

Without a doubt, every single person in my family agreed that our favorite entree was the Chicken Tikka Masala. Allahumduilah, Praise be to God. We were not surprised at all, because all our Indian friends (and restaurants) have this amazing ability to make chicken tender and flavorful. Knowing this ahead of time, we each strategically left this entree for last.

My family of 5 received all 4 entrees to taste and 6 packages total. Which, if it wasn’t for me to say “don’t leave a single grain of rice on your plate”, there would have been a teeny tiny snack size left-over. So, we I was extremely pleased with the serving sizes.

Now, back to the order: Since we are big lamb lovers, we actually chose to eat the entrees in this order and liked them exactly as planned:

Chicken Biryanii, Lamb Saag, Lamb Vindaloo and Chicken Tikka Masala.

We loved the juicy, spicy stews for Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Vindaloo. They were surprisingly delicious.

Now, I admit; I am not for frozen foods, and was very skeptical–as were my girls. So, I wouldn’t dare place these dishes in the microwave. I put them all in the oven for the prescribed 40 minutes, and the house was quickly steaming up a fine Indian aroma–that Daddy/Papa and the girls were anxiously waiting until it was time to eat. This alone surprised me.

As for the Chicken Biryanii, we preferred the white rice over this interesting mix; and as for the Lamb Saag, we were less interested in its sauce. But, each dish was emptied, so they were tasty–just not our favorites.

Having received these entrees weeks ago, just thinking about the fun flavors, tenderness of the meat, mixed with just the right amount of sauce along with the texture of the rice is making me salivate right now.

The amount of sauce is critical to share, because often dishes are too soupy and drowns the main course, OR there’s not enough sauce which you can taste right through to the dry, flavorless meat–causing you to want more juicy sauce to drown the meatiest of the meal. In all the entrees the sauce was just right, alhumduililah.

It was also very pleasing to discuss with the family during this meal, that there are these tasty halal meals now available here in America, ready to help busy families save time and the hassle for a reasonable cost.

Another sidenote: Daddy/Papa was here in place of Hubby/Baba, and were all very interested to see what his views would be, because he’s extremely partial to one of our dearest Indian friends spicy, juicy, stew-like chicken dishes and is not a fan of frozen food. However, with halal options hard to come by and our raving review, I know I could get him to try it, and sure he’d like at least 1 of the entrees. ;-)

Gluten-free certification

  • On Wednesday, they announced Gluten-free certification. I had no idea, “that Celiac Disease or Gluten-Intolerance affects nearly one out of every 100 Americans”, which does not include people who prefer gluten-free foods as well.

More & More Regional Natural Food Markets Carry Saffron Road

New Products Launching Soon Based on Desires of Facebook Fans (and Fans in general)

Saffron Road is preparing to launch new products this summer with different types of food beyond frozen entrees. Saffron Road is actively engaging their Facebook Fans by asking for feedback, and they are actually working on types of products that they fan base has shown interest in!

TIP: Social media really works. Let Your voice be heard.

Try Saffron Road Entrees Today!

Enter to Win a 1 of 10 Free Entree Coupons! (Value. $5.99)

Deadline date: Thursday, March 3 10, 2011 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Contest Rules

  • You must adhere to all the rules as stated. Shall a winner be chosen who did not complete these rules, he/she will not be eligible to win. It’s only fair.

You must visit Saffron Road website and comment below letting us know how excited to you that halal food options, such as Saffron Road, are now becoming a little easier to find in the marketplace. For example, you may share why you are happy to see more selections of halal, all-natural, gluten-free, frozen or Indian entrees in your local market. We’d love to know which entree you’d try first too. ;-)

  • The 10 most creative answers will win a coupon from Saffron Road good for one free entrée. Saffron Road staff and their affiliates will be judging all entries. NOTE: This contest requirement was requested of Saffron Road, to generate quality feedback and replies. So, please share
  • To be eligible to win you must be a U.S. resident and 18 years of age or older.

For Additional Entries

For additional entries, you may chose to complete any one, or all of the below actions + state additional reasons why you’re happy to see more selections of halal, all-natural, gluten-free,  Indian or frozen entrees in your local markets. You must write a separate comment for each additional entry you complete below. (A winner is chosen by the number of comments, not the number of actions taken.)

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Determining a Winner

The 10 most creative answers will win a coupon from Saffron Road good for one free entrée. Saffron Road staff and their affiliates will be judging all entries. The winners will be contacted by email. If no response is received in 48 hours, another winner will be chosen. Confirmed winners will be announced on our Contest Winners Page, where you may refer to at anytime.

Disclosure: We received products for review free of charge. We were not influenced in anyway to share only positive remarks. After all, lying is haram (prohibited). ;-) You’re welcome to read American Muslim Mom’s disclosure policy and contest disclosure.

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  1. says

    Masha Allah. A wider selecction of halal, all-natural,product without having to always settle for kosher. I’m very impressed with their values in a time where most food products are genetically prepared and we never know what those animals are being fed & how they are treated!
    The Lamb Saag is one that I’d like to try. I love the spinach combination.

  2. says

    From one of my readers;
    They are pretty good for being a frozen dinner (hubby didn’t like the lamb one though) and they are up there in price. We’ve tried all of them and I think I like the Tikka Masala one the best :) – Kenza

  3. Kenza says

    Thank you Amanda! They are pricey compared to other frozen dinners (although we take them for lunches). We buy them at Whole Foods and they are 5.20 I think each…But because they are halal and pretty good, I have to support them! So I try to buy every time can :) Keep it up, we need more halal in regular stores so I don’t have to drive almost an hour to get halal meat :)

    • says

      Thank You Kenza for hopping over and sharing your unique views, experience and support! InshaAllah, you’ll continue to come to our site and Saffron Roads. ;-)

  4. Samina says

    Salaam! I’ve tried all the entrees and I think they are great for lunch – good portion sizes, and warm and filling. My only ‘beef’ is with the rice – it doesn’t look or taste like basmati, which i would expect for these types of dishes. I would prefer if they upped the rice quality, then the dishes would be perfect! My fav was prob also the chicken tikka masala.

    • says

      Wa-alaykum asalam.

      Thank you SO much for your detailed feedback dear Samina!

      Now, come to think of it–yes, I have to agree, there is room to increase the quality of the rice…but, I remember it being a long-thin-grain…I just checked one of the boxes, yes–it is Basmati.

      And, yay for votes on the chicken tikka masala. ;-) LOL

  5. Diane Baum says

    I’m thrilled to find a greater selection of delicious Indian food and happy to see for others that Halal is more widespread.

  6. Nancy says

    A Song for Saffron Road

    I’m eager to travel Saffron Road
    To ease the halal cooking load.
    All-natural, frozen, gluten-free -
    Their Indian products appeal to me.

    My daughter’s fave is Chicken Tikka Masala,
    So good she’ll probably stand up and holler.
    I’d like the Lamb Saag or Vindaloo,
    So trying those first is what I’d do.

    • says

      Definitely the Most Creative comment yet! Hysterical, classic…maybe Saffron Road may just commission you for copyrights. Ha hah! My girls and I are laughing hysterically right now! Can’t wait to hear Saffron Road’s comments, inshaAllah.

  7. susan smoaks says

    i am so happy that more healthy choices are available in the grocery stores now, i really want to try the Chicken Biryani

  8. Khadija says

    This are fabulous since I’m into eating Healthy these days. It’s Super with a capital ‘S’ that there are these choices available now from Saffron Road and I know I’ll like them alot.The lamb saag is calling my name, mmm mmm

  9. Beth says

    We love Indian food in my household but typically only have it once every couple of weeks at a restaurant because we haven’t been brave enough to venture into Indian cooking. Variety of all types is very welcome in local grocery stores! I’d love to have easy access to some favorites, and my husband is wild about Lamb Vindaloo so that’s what I’d try first.

    It’s also great to see more gluten free options in stores. I tried a gluten free diet and it wasn’t easy avoiding the many items in which it’s an ingredient.

    • says

      Interesting perspective Beth. As shared in my review, because my girl friend is such a marvelous Indian homemade chef (our designation), I don’t venture much in the realm of Indian cooking besides the popular curries, which thankfully my family loves. But, authentic rich Indian dishes I haven’t tried yet, even though she gave me “easy” or “simple” recipes to follow. So, I agree Saffron Road makes Indian entrees accessible to both our households! alhumduilah (Praise be to God). ;-)

  10. elka says

    well I think anything gluten free is where it’s at and the look of things to come for sure

  11. rajee says

    A wider selecction of halal, all-natural,product without having to always settle for kosher and easy to try it with rice

  12. says

    I want a Saffron road Moroccan tajine or couscous!! How about it? I’ll be your guinea pig/creator!!! Sent a message to our local/natural foods store to see about carrying this product – sure hope so!!

  13. says

    Due to some health issues, it’s been recommended that I cut out all gluten. Due to some laziness issues, I’m all about frozen food. I’m pretty excited about Saffron Road and trying something yummy that I don’t have to slave over a hot stove for!

  14. says

    I think what I love the most is the fact that it’s all-natural. It’s so hard to find good natural frozen meals, especially something different like this! If I could, I’d cook it myself but I think I’d probably be defeated. This is why I love frozen meals! ;-) I would like to try the Chicken Tikka Masala first.

    • says

      Hey Lindsey, LOL…I’m not the best chicken chef myself–and if you’ve never cooked Indian at home before, trust me–it takes time to master…and well, that’s when Saffron Road is a great all-natural frozen alternative!
      Thanks for sharing.

  15. says

    I want the Lamb Vindaloo!!!! Now I am hungry again and I just had breakfast;).

    What is funny is that as I am reading your other comments about ppl settling for kosher. I discovered Halal the other way. I was keeping Kosher for a period in college and 1 of my professors introduced me to Halal food. The Halal food was so much better! While a frozen, kosher knish is comfort food…it can be a bit boring;). I need spice in my life!

    Also, hubs has no interest in lamb so I don’t cook it but I love it when it is cooked right!

    • says

      Here’s your original comment! This is a cute one, but the other one shared about hubs, so I’m keeping them both in for the judges to pick. ;-)

  16. says

    Hi, I would definately love to try the Chicken Tikka Masala. For this pregnancy my #1 craving has been Indian food so with a few more weeks to go I look forward to trying these meals. I really like the fact that they are all natural and veggie fed.

  17. says

    My boyfriend loves lamb curry, but I’m a vegetarian and I can’t handle the smell of raw meat cooking. It would be nice to have a nice meal he enjoys that is precooked and ready to go!

    • says

      Oh, we SO love lamb curry too! Come to think of it–surprising how Saffron Road doesn’t have the typical Indian curry option.

      But, like–wow! As huge meat-eaters, I had no idea how raw meat cooking would be so annoying; much like when I always hated cleaning and handling raw chicken and fish.

      I learned to deal with the fish, and as for chicken, I just cover it in flour and water while washing.

      Nonetheless, Saffron Road in the oven will only give tasty scents for you. ;-)

  18. says

    I’m excited to hear about this line of products. My brother has gluten sensitivities and we’re always looking for dishes that are tasty, but won’t be harmful to his digestive system. This is SO cool! Thank you for offering such fabulous gluten-free dishes in such a convenient way!

    • says

      Wow…only in working with Saffron Road did I learn from their gluten-free certification that “Celiac Disease or Gluten-Intolerance affects nearly one out of every 100 Americans; however, it is the dietary preference of even more.”

      Now, I know *many* natural homeschool families who ALL choose gluten-free diet, but only in these comments am I seeing how gluten-free-health-diet is truly more mainstream like the report states.

      I assume you SF is a yummy option to have!

  19. says

    For me, what I am loving most about Saffron Road is the values of the company. how they insist on it the respect of the animals, farmers, and that the animals are feed properly. I have never heard the term Halal before but am excited to hear about it now.

    I at one point in my life stopped eating meat because of the way animals are raised and treated, such awful conditions and horrible things that they would do to them. I love that there is a company whose food I can eat and be truly thankful for and know that I don’t have to feel guilty about eating. Does that make sense? {Cause I feel like it’s not totally coming out right}

    I think the Chicken Biryani would be tasty to try!

    • says

      Oh Tara, thanks for taking the time to read more info Saffron Road’s practices, which this humane treated of animals is “halal”.

      Halal = permissible in Islam, so it’s not only our food, but our way of life and how we live as Muslims.

      But, specific to food, we only eat humanely-treated animals, to not eat pork or alcohol products and, most importantly slaughter our animals in the most harmless, most immediate, way by cutting its neck and saying “Bismillah” = “In the Name of God”.

      Based on your beautiful comment, I think I have to extend this topic into an upcoming blogpost. Thanks sweetie!

  20. says

    I would love to try the Lamb Vindaloo! Is sounds so very good. I love lamb but since the hubs doesn’t, I don’t cook lamb;).

    As I read your other comments I chuckled to myself. I discovered Halal while I was going through a Kosher period in college;). A professor introduced me to Halal cooked food. I am stoked to see these freezer options. Cause I gotta be real. A frozen kosher knish is comfort food but is is so boring! This girl needs a little spice in her life! And being Gluten free means it meets my no yeast rules for Passover!

    • says

      Wow; you’ve come a long way in order for Saffron Road to meet your personal needs by offering you a frozen, halal, lamb dish! Thanks SO much for sharing!

      Is there an entree in their line-up you can convince hubby to try?

  21. says

    You see a lot of companies claiming to be ‘healthy’ or ‘organic’, but Saffron Roads is the first I’ve seen that’s humane, vegetarian fed AND antibiotic free. Everyone is so concerned these days about what they put on their body, but not everyone is looking at what they put IN their body! It’s nice to see a company focused on well-being. The tikka masala sounds SO good!

    • says

      Thanks Taleah for seeing the true benefits of Saffron Road’s products and unique practices. I agree with you completely with everything that you shared in your comment!