Review & Giveaway: Islamic Audiobooks

Islamic AudiobooksAs a journalism student, I love writing and reading good stories. A good story should never go unappreciated, and Alhamdulillah our Holy Qur’an is filled with them. As a kid, my teachers and siblings would teach me the stories from the Qur’an from books for kids in Sunday School, and other gatherings of the sort. We never had a chance to simply listen to the story being read to us–it was more like a study session.

Listening to a good story can be as fun and educational as reading one yourself. I know my sister makes use of audiobooks on long car rides when she drives to my New Jersey home from Illinois with her children. It keeps them quiet, calm, and entertained all at the same time.

Miraj Audio developed stories from the Qur’an into audiobooks for children. While based on Islamic stories, the dialogue is fictionalized–it is not necessarily historically accurate, in order to make it easy for children to follow. However, this is mentioned clearly at the beginning of each track, and the Shari’a Council of the United Kingdom (where Miraj Audio is based) approved the stories were in line with Qur’anic teachings. As Managing Director Adiba mentioned, they are “special children’s adaptations.”

Even though I’m not a child anymore, I enjoyed the story of Dawood and the Giant. The narrator reads with great enthusiasm and changes his voice when different characters are speaking. The books are a special music-free version, which is wonderful! Still, the non-music sound effects help paint the scene. For example, the army cheers and laughs in the background when the Giant mocks Dawood and his army. The story was about 26 minutes long, not too long and not too short. Other stories range from 13 to 35 minutes and talk about Prophet Yunus, Salah ad-Din, and more!

My only suggestion to Miraj Audio would be to perhaps include which verses in the Qur’an exactly the stories are mentioned. It would be nice to have that as a convenient reference for parents to explain to their children these are the Arabic verses revealed by Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala the story you just heard is based off of. This way, Insha’Allah, if Allah wills, entire Muslim families can educate themselves about the magnificent stories revealed in the Qur’an.

Giveaway: Islamic Audiobooks (2 winners, $25 value each)!

Want to give the child in your life an awesome digital gift of stories from our Holy Qur’an? Winners will receive download codes for:

  • Yunus and the Giant Fish
  • Dawood and the Giant
  • Salah ad-Din and the Frankish Boy, part 1
  • Leyla the Sparrow
  • Abdulqadir’s Treasure

Here’s how you can enter to win a prize from Miraj Audio (5 stories valued at $25):

Deadline Date:

  • Saturday, August 3, 2013 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time

Contest Rules:

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  • Comment below telling us how you think your child will benefit from the audiobooks, Insha’Allah.
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  1. Faith Letourneau says

    I came to Islam a couple of years ago. My children were already 6 and 8. I have been trying to find books or websites that will help them to understand Islam as they ask me questions. My knowledge of Islam is not a lot to tell them the things they want to know. These stories would help me to tell them the stories of the Quran, the stories that will help them to grow strong in their Islamic faith. The stories will help to open the door for discussions of what the stories say that can be used in life today. I won’t feel like I am failing my kids and Allah by not knowing where to begin in teaching them the values and teachings of Islam.

  2. says

    ASA jazakallah for this review. The Miraj Audio team would like to mention that on the product pages of stories from the Quran and Hadith at our website there are details of all the sources used in researching and developing scripts, these include PDF downloads for use in homeschooling etc. Happy listening and jazakallah to all that have supported us.

  3. Ayesha says

    As our family is starting to build our Islamic library at home; we are beginning to see how some resources (mostly books/dvds) are not as eye-catching as their mainstream counterparts for children. It’s great to see Miraj Audio offer a comparable product that our kids will want to listen to and specifically ask for. I would love to win the Miraj Audio books for my children – not only to add as an option for them to listen to but also for long car rides we take on a weekly basis to see their grandparents! My kids love adventure books and stories about exploration – the Miraj Audio stories will help the kids remember the Muslim characters and the journeys they’ve been on (and thus captivate them throughout the tale) and to learn about great things Muslims have done and can continue to do. Stories teach great values and morals and I hope my kids will benefit by learning those through these audiobooks.

  4. Sharifah says

    MashaAllah, what a wonderful way to teach our young ones AND our not so young ones. I must admit not remembering details of some great islic stories.

    In an effort to continue growth in our faith for my sons, listening to stories like this will, inshaAllah, benefit their minds and soul in a unique and visually appearing way.

  5. Desiree Steele says

    What a wonderful giveaway… I became Muslim nearly 10 years ago. I was blessed to marry an open minded man who while not a Muslim loves to learn and agreed to raise our children Muslim… I find myself sometimes at a loss when trying to learn myself and teach my husband and our three boys (ages 7,5 and 1). I am always looking for new and great material we can all enjoy and learn from. Last year I purchased a book about all of the Prophets to introduce my older boys to them..and Alhamdulillah my boys love this boom, they call it the God book… my oldest now tells everyone about God and Moses (his favorite prophet). It is hard teaching them while I fond myself still learning (I love being a perpetual student). and anything I can use to educate my husband is always great. He’s not a Muslim in technicalities but he is at heart and he lives as one. I would love to win this to expand my families knowledge inshaAllah. Thank you for this contest!

  6. April says

    I’d love to have these books for my daughter her favorite subject is reading, with her reading these books she will be a better Muslimah

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