Review & Giveaway: Eid Creations

Eid Mubarak - Eid Creations Satin Ribbon

Satin Ribbon

You may remember my first time decorating for Eid from last year. My entire family got involved with figuring out where to place this and where to stick that so I could review the decorations. We went to my sister’s house for Eid, and she has three little kids. We packed up the decorations and took them to her house. She said she kept them up until Eid al-Adha since her family enjoyed them so much.

This year, I have the pleasure to review decorations from Eid Creations. In addition to roll of beautiful satin ribbon and poster (Edit: oops! It’s actually not a poster, it’s gift wrap! But I guess it can be used as both ;)), here is what I received in the mail:

Lantern Decoration Kit

  • Six paper lanterns, with accompanying wire frames (two 12-inch: font design, ornament design; two 10-inch: star design, crescent design; two 6-inch: turquoise, fuchsia)
  • Instruction sheet

Happy Eid Ornament Decoration Kit

  • One garland
  • Two honeycomb balls
  • Two 11-inch centerpieces
  • Four lantern cutouts
  • One “Happy Eid” sign

To start off my decorating adventure, I opened the Lantern Decoration Kit. The colors are beautiful! Turquoise, fuchsia, and light orange–pretty much my favorites. I hadn’t assembled paper lanterns before and actually misplaced the instruction sheet that came with the kit, nevertheless, the lanterns were easy to put together. I found the instruction sheet after, of course. Below, you can see my before and after pictures.

Eid Creations - Lanterns

Before and After Lanterns

Next, I unpackaged the Happy Eid Ornament Decoration Kit. The honeycomb balls, as well as the centerpieces, had adhesives already prepared. Simply, peel off the paper and stick it to the other end. This worked well for the centerpieces because the thick paper with the adhesive stuck to a tissue-like paper. However, the honeycomb balls had a thick paper sticking to another thick paper. They came undone the next day, but this has a simple remedy–just add a little extra tape! I actually preferred the honeycomb balls thick paper to thick paper, because it’s easier to store away and reuse. I know this all may be difficult to understand with my funky wording. Here’s a picture of the honeycomb ball’s adhesive I mentioned:

Eid Creations - Honeycomb Ball

Honeycomb Ball before it was put together

See the white part in the picture? That’s the thick paper I mentioned before. It’s thicker than the colored tissue-like paper. So the honeycomb balls are shaped with the thick white paper sticking to another thick white paper, while the centerpieces have the thick white paper sticking to a tissue-like paper. See the centerpieces below.

Eid Creations - Centerpieces


While these are technically centerpieces, they can be put anywhere! I placed them on a table in the picture above, but later moved them to a different spot in our home, where they looked just as bright and beautiful. They are green and red, although the picture makes one look more pink-ish. (Sorry, bad lighting!)

Last, my mother and I hung the garland across the window by tying thread to the ends and middle. I placed the bigger Eid Mubarak banner on the wall, as well as the lantern cutouts (which are double-sides so they can be hung from the ceiling as well). If anyone wasn’t sure what the decorations were for, the words on the banners definitely clarified!

Eid Creations - Happy Eid

Happy Eid Sign

Eid Mubarak Banner - Eid Creations

Eid Mubarak Banner (actually meant to be gift wrap! I didn't realize and hung it on the wall instead. I'll use it to wrap Eid gifts soon, Insha'Allah! :-D)

If you’d like to find out how to win your own set of Eid Creations decorations, enter the giveaway below!

Giveaway: Eid Creations (2 winners, $25 value each)!

Is your home missing some color and decor this Eid season? Here’s how you can enter to win a prize from Eid Creations ($25 value):

Deadline Date:

  • Friday, July 5, 2013 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time

Contest Rules:

  • You must adhere to all the rules as stated. Shall a winner be chosen who did not follow these rules, he/she will not be eligible to win.
  • Comment below telling us how you think Eid Creations will be of service to your Eid decoration plans, Insha’Allah.
  • Two people with the most unique and interesting response as picked by American Muslim Mom will be chosen from the comments section below. (U.S. only)

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  1. Sumera says

    Decorating the house is an integral part of celebration in our family. My husband and I celebrate all special occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries with both hand-made and store bought decorations and colorful lights. Even our 3 year old son knows mommy is going to decorate when it is birthday and/or anniversary, and very enthusiastically helps me with hanging decorations. As I read your article I realized, with great sadness, that we do not do any decorations on any Eid. Eids should be no exception to the rule. Living in USA, for us Eid means going to chand raat festival (not always), dressing up in new outfits on Eid day, and go to local Mosque for Eid prayer, then come back home and eat the traditional dessert and snacks for Eid, and call family for Eid wishes. Living in USA for more than 6 years, I have always felt that Eids in USA do not have that all-encompassing aura of the festival. They lack the traditional zeal and religious fervor we have in our native country. Now I understand why. Since we do not decorate our house (like we do on other occasions) to me Eid ends the moment we come back from Mosque. It feels like just another day of the week. Your article as well as all Eid decorations have inspired me to match up to the festive spirit on every Eid from now on. I think it is also important to make our kids understand the significance and festive nature of Eids. InshaAllah this year we will be celebrating this festive occasion in our own special way (like we do on our other special days). So this Eid Creations prize will be a wonderful gift to our family for Eid decorations. Thank you very much Habeeba for an amazing article and giveaway :)

    • says

      Thank you for your comment! My family never really decorated for Eid when I was young, but my cousin’s family (who lived right next door) did. I’d go over there and help them out, and we’d always have a great time. When we were little kids, the whole extended family would gather there for dinner on Eid, so it made sense to decorate her place.

      I hope you have a blessed and festive Eid, Insha’Allah!

  2. Fatima Abukhodair says

    Asalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatulls wa Barakatu sister. Jazakhair Allah for making such beautiful and remarkable decorations to bring the enjoyment of Eid into our homes and bringing back the joys of Eid. As a convert Muslimah, I never had the opportunity to go to a real Eid party. InshaAllah hopefully that will change, instead of going to an Eid party, my children and I can decorate our house for the first time for Eid and invite some friends. InshaAllah I would to decorate my house in Eid decorations. Only Allah knows best and Alhamdulilah if I get or don’t get these decorations.

  3. Patricia Haidaoui says

    While we do a little Eid decorating, it has been a while since we MADE anything to put up for Eid. My youngest (we have 3 boys) is really into arts-n-crafts and all the kid like to be involved in projects. This year, with Eid being in the summer for us, we talked about having some non-Muslim friends and family over to learn more about the holiday. We have a new covered patio (that the hubby and eldest built with the help of some friends) and these decorations would be PERFECT to put together and hang under the new patio. It would be a great way to introduce some of our friends to our culture and celebrations.
    Wishing everyone a blessed Ramadan and a joyful Eid-ul-Fitr!

    • says

      A blessed Ramadan and joyful Eid to you and your family as well, Insha’Allah. Thank you for your wonderful comment! As you already know, you were picked as one of the winners!

      The plan you have for the patio sounds beautiful! We pray you’ll have a wonderful time and share the joys of Eid with your both your Muslim and non-Muslim friends and family.

  4. Ayesha says

    Since I could remember my own childhood, I loved Eid and would always try to force my family to make a huge deal about it- we’d miss school/take off work – no excuses – Eid was our day. In terms of the decorations – the most I ever did was put up Christmas lights in our balcony.

    Now that I have 2 kids of my own – I’ve taken Eid to the next level in my own home :) We made it a point in our household to emphasize that Muslims only celebrate two holidays and so we try to make those two holidays the most fun and exciting events of the year and the easiest way to do that is to decorate the house!

    After Christmas, you’ll find me buying all the green/gold/silver decor; especially those in the shape of stars & moons (candles/pillows/ornaments/you name it I get it). And then post St Patricks Day, I’ll again scavenge the racks for any green decor that I could use for when Eid comes around.

    With the items I’ve collected; the Eid Creations decor would be a perfect addition! I currently don’t have a centerpiece so the centerpieces would work well on my dining table & the lanterns would make the room really come together with decorations hanging from the ceiling. I’d love to put up the Happy Eid sign outside our front door (we just moved so hopefully we can let our neighbors know about our holiday) and the gift wrap & ribbon would help make our gift giving tradition more festive.

    May we all have a beneficial Ramadan!

    • says

      I had a very similar experience with Eid growing up. :) Insha’Allah you and your family will enjoy the decorations from Eid Creations, because as our announcement post said–you are also one of the winners! Congratulations.

      By the way, I love the idea of putting the Happy Eid sign on your front door! May you have a wonderful Ramadan and Eid.

  5. Heather says

    Eid decorations have become an important aspect of our holiday’s every year. I grew up in a a Christian family and reverted to Islam almost 12 years ago so my children are constantly exposed to the holidays of both Islam and Christianity. Every Islamic holiday I worked extra hard to show the children the joy and pleasure in our holidays so that they will always be close to their hearts. My three girls look forward to our holidays every year and have a wonderful time picking out a color theme and helping decide were we will decorate.

    These items would be a perfect addition to our home and help to provide a even more festive atmosphere for my girls this Eid. The centerpieces would work fabulously on the table surrounded by some wonderful crafts I have planned for the girls. The sign would be so perfect on the front door welcoming neighbors and guest alike. I am sure the girls would be happy to see the gift wrapping on their present on the holiday.

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