Islamic Audiobooks Winners!

Islamic Audiobooks from Miraj AudioWe’re pleased to announce the two winners of our Islamic Audiobooks giveaway from Miraj Audio! Congratulations to Sisters Faith and Ayesha. Look out for the email we will send you shortly! May you and your children benefit from these wonderful stories, Insha’Allah.

Here is Sister Faith’s winning comment:

I came to Islam a couple of years ago. My children were already 6 and 8. I have been trying to find books or websites that will help them to understand Islam as they ask me questions. My knowledge of Islam is not a lot to tell them the things they want to know. These stories would help me to tell them the stories of the Quran, the stories that will help them to grow strong in their Islamic faith. The stories will help to open the door for discussions of what the stories say that can be used in life today. I won’t feel like I am failing my kids and Allah by not knowing where to begin in teaching them the values and teachings of Islam.

And Sister Ayesha’s:

As our family is starting to build our Islamic library at home; we are beginning to see how some resources (mostly books/dvds) are not as eye-catching as their mainstream counterparts for children. It’s great to see Miraj Audio offer a comparable product that our kids will want to listen to and specifically ask for. I would love to win the Miraj Audio books for my children – not only to add as an option for them to listen to but also for long car rides we take on a weekly basis to see their grandparents! My kids love adventure books and stories about exploration – the Miraj Audio stories will help the kids remember the Muslim characters and the journeys they’ve been on (and thus captivate them throughout the tale) and to learn about great things Muslims have done and can continue to do. Stories teach great values and morals and I hope my kids will benefit by learning those through these audiobooks.

Thank you to everyone for participating.

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