How to Create a Safer Neighborhood for Everyone

I touched on very briefly some issues we had here regarding a couple of hateful situations when we first moved to L.A. , and the success of it never occurring again came from our actively doing most of the tips shared in this well-researched guest post. We actually know the local officers responsible for our neighborhood, we live is an extremely low crime area, and got to know our neighbors better who are always watching out for us–even as we stroll the streets as we love taking the metro and public transportation here. So, if you’ve ever been concerned about creating a safer neighborhood it first starts with you! Enjoy this great post.

Peace of mind is possible when a neighborhood is safe for the entire family. How can you relax when you’re constantly worried about your children being harmed? Making a neighborhood safe is the responsibility of every person in the area, and you can make a difference where you live.

Identify the Dangers

According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), it’s important you know the facts about your neighborhood. Look up the statistics related to crime in your area. Find out which crimes occur most often, and talk to your neighbors about their perceptions on crime in the area. Knowledge is a powerful tool when aiming to make a neighborhood as safe as possible. You need to know what the neighborhood requires before you can take real action to improve the situation.

Talk to Your Neighbors

According to the City of Green Bay, you should know as many as 20-30 of your closest neighbors. The more neighbors you know, the better you are able to impact your community. Get involved and talk to your neighbors. Use the facts you’ve discovered about crime rates in the area to open the lines of communication. Ask their opinion about what’s normal in the area and what is not.stop crime

Consider organizing a block party, or invite your nearest neighbors over for an afternoon gathering during the summer months. You’ll be able to learn more about them and vice versa, and you can discuss getting the entire community involved in an effort to make the neighborhood safer.

Set Up a Neighborhood Watch

The NCPC reports that the neighborhood watch started during the Colonial Era, and it’s still a powerful tool for preventing crime. Talk to your neighbors about setting up a Neighborhood Watch and get the sheriff’s office involved in the process.

Ask neighbors who stay home regularly to watch for crime and report any suspicious activity to the police. Also consider setting up a security system to protect your family from break-ins and similar problems. You can explore different monitoring systems at

With a neighborhood watch and a security system in place, your home is a less-likely target.

Clean Up Your Neighborhood

A neighborhood watch helps, but according to the NCPC, vacant lots, abandoned cars and similar conditions contribute to a neighborhood’s crime rate. You need to take measures to make your locality less tempting.

Make arrangements with the entire family and your neighbors to clean up the neighborhood. Children can help by picking up trash in public areas and helping to organize bake sales to fund beautification projects.

Keep Track of Your Children

Even if you have take all these measures to help protect your children, you still need to keep up with their activities and interests. The NCPC recommends you set limits for your children and know where they are when they’re spending time with friends. Make sure they have the phone numbers of trusted family members, friends and neighbors when you aren’t home.

Every neighborhood has the potential to reduce crime. The key is getting involved in your local community and setting up programs that can keep all of the children in the community safe.

What do you think of these wise tips? Do you have successful solutions to share? Please share below!

Rob Lambert is a writer and activist, Rob believes it’s important he raise his pen, rather than his voice, to be heard.

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  1. Kenza says

    Assalamu Alaykoum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,
    This is just perfect timing for this post. We are moving at the end of June inchAllah and I was really wondering how the neighborhood will react to us being the only muslim family there…..But inchaAllah it will be fine :) I think that just discussing the neiborhood watch would be an ice breaker ;)
    Jazaki Allah Kheir

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