Happily Enjoying This Fun Friday and Joyous Jummah…Are You?

For today’s Joyous Jummah/Fun Friday post I have to humbly say takes to everyone offering kind congratulations, helpful recommendation, open feedback and honest support. To all our Giveaway Gala Sponsors, I tweeted and thank them individually on Facebook. But, to all our followers, I’d like to share some link love to newbies I’ve met only through their public appreciation of our work.

To join our Joyous Jummah and/or Fun Friday meme, you basically post whatever you think is Fun or Joyous, pick one or both of these adorable buttons, link to this blogpost and comment below so we can visit your views on this Joyous Jummah and Fun Friday. To learn more about this meme, check out the details here. P.S. You’re permitted to post uphazardly on this day, like I do above. It keeps things interesting…at least I think so, LOL!

Link Love

  • Jannah Jewels@JannahJewels Jannah means Heaven, Paradise in Arabic. And, when you hop to their website and find out that the “Jewels” are 4 awesome chicks. And, that they share adventures in a brand new chapter book series emphasizing the rich and beautiful history in Islam–Girl, my 3 “Jannah Jewels” and I cannot wait until our fingers get hold of their debut book. What’s massively cool is how each of my girls and I each related to the descriptions of different characters. And, we each found the immediate parallel to the “4 Best Women in Islam” and one of our most favorite ahadith.
  • Only Laila of MamaLocs I met via @OnlyLaila, only after she found her way to our blog. It’s no doubt her spunk, and well-spoken tweets come from the dear suburbs of Chicago. While I definitely have my share of Spunky Colleagues and Bloggers from the Windy City, it’s refreshing to finally meet a Chicagoan Sistah to share this blogosphere with. Laila works full-time, is a full-time grad student, balances being a Mama & actually finds time to blog, or at least add a Wordless Wednesday post.  ;-)
  • Tamara of Southern Yankee Mix can be found tweeting her way @LoveLimes . Another supportive Mom Sparkle (Mom Spark Media member), Tamara is always watching my back, RTing, keeping me motivated and well–is someone definitely long-overdue in thanking her for sharing this blogosphere (and Twitter grid) with me.
  • Harmonic Mama of @HarmonicMama is another awesome Mom Sparkle, who while I actually know her first and last name, because she keeps it off her sites, I will not cross my online boundaries. Anyways, I feel like an oldie next to her as she jumps into homeschooling and unschooling; but one thing incredible thing of my younger mom blogger folk is that I have a dedicated cheerleading squad with a ton of energy to keep me active. Tisk, tisk…me not energized or active!? No, my lows are I just cry, and even crying is an energetic, active site.

Fun Friday News

Amidst all the excitement, and two totally unexpected things happened yesterday that deserves sharing because it’s just “Fun Friday News”

  1. I won a 500 GB portable hard drive from 1 simple RT to @Photosdotcom . It was very odd, I was attending a less-than exciting Twitter party, unusually slow one actually (which is very hard to be slow)…anyways, so I was about to take a break (maybe due in fact that it was a 2-hour Twitter party), and I saw this tweet saying “ReTweet” me, and it was darn close to the 8pm deadline. And, viola! When, I was ready to call it a day, after my 14-hours yesterday I get a Congratulatory You Won tweet. Funny, now; I have to promise to USE the portable hard drive. With my computer crashing two weeks ago and hubby (engineer) away–the only problem with having a portable hard drive is that one needs to use it. I never really backed things up on it. And, with us traveling so much, each with our own PCs, netbooks, laptops, we need a 2nd one–better yet, we need an upgraded 500GB one! So, thanks Photo.com, I’m happy your tweet crossed my Twitter grid.
  2. AmericanMuslimMom.com has a Google PageRank 4!

  3. Display Pagerank

    Now, we’ve been a solid, safe, dependable PR3 for many months. But, I was determined to make this certain changes–Okay, Many Changes. Exciting Changes. With the Right Tools. Right Steps. Right Beginnings. And, Most of All: Right Intentions. It IS Okay to celebrate in tears. Be it joy, exhaustion, hysteria, shock.

So, what’s the big deal of PR 4? That’s SO low on a scale of 1-10.

Well, if you’re not an online professional, it’s considered Good, Safe, Nice, Steady, Not Bad At All for PageRank 3. But, the rare PR4 brings you up to the Big Guys & Gals.

And, well–the coveted PR5, in my 7 years of being online I know personally and professional less than a dozen with solid PR5. So, big deal you think…

So, what does this mean for you?

More opportunities. More partners. More sponsors. More awesome content, InshaAllah T’ala.

While I’m not checking everyone’s pagerank–I can admit I have not yet seen a single Muslim blog, online magazine, Mommy or Not, with not only PR4, but all our other online measurements that potential partners and sponsors want to see.

So, while we grow our stats, ranking, reviews, etc. we’re better able to blog side-by-side with the Big Guys and Gals–and guess, what!?

There are no Muslims there; so with Allah’s blessings He will allow me the opportunity to maintain authority our small niche of this blogosphere, and others (inshaAllah)will begin to financially support its growth.

Because the workload on my humble family of 5 is quickly pushing our limits.

Friday Find

It’s Time This Social Media Mommy Gets Paid

With the survey of the rates of pay Social Media Mom Bloggers are getting paid, while I’ve been happy with my rates, little did I know that I am on the FAR low end! According to Rebecca Levey

…from my experience and casual information gathering: expect $50-$200 for a sponsored post on your own blog, $50-$250 to write on another site, $500-$1000 per month for an ambassadorship…

My Jummah Reflection

Of course, I’m always talking about quality over quantity, and that fact remains.

But, in a competitive world of advertising dollars, and sponsors seeking the right brand ambassador, while #s are all great–I’m still proud & most humbled that we’re growing this community strictly on necessary content: From a devout Muslim Mom living in America (and abroad) to another.

So, I will continue to be selective with who we work with and who we represent–because I didn’t build this community to sell me or you (your email addresses) out to anyone!

{Yay, that’s a totally different story… Just found out some sleazy (which I’m probably a member of, because our source cannot divulge which network it is) mom blogger network is selling our email list!}

From my heart, soul, pure intentions and dedicated follow-through, rest assured I will never, inshaAllah, cheat for an extra buck on your account. After all, I’m accountable to Allah subhanahu wa T’ala; and I just couldn’t/wouldn’t sleep well at night!

Looking forward to your Fun Friday & Joyous Jummah comments, posts & more!

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      You’re ever so welcomed Jenn–hee hee, I see you’re honoring my readers back by sharing your 1st name at least—LOL!

      Thanks for your support and compliments. Homeschooling is definitely a lifestyle, not just a structured portion of one’s day or life, as school institutionalizes it. At anytime, if you have questions or want a particular tip, please ask me! I prioritize all my posts based on desire of my readers, because I have SO much to share that I typically usually have the article already written out in 1 of my 4 notebooks, that I just have to type out, format and post. Aside from my blog notebooks, I actually have 7 books and ebooks completely written out by hand!

      Fortunately, I have a system now that got me to post daily, package into an ebook and start pushing them all out for the public to finally see the wealth within me, inshaAllah, God willing.

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