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An adorable, cute, and correct Arabic and English from . To download and print this Ramadan 6-page (11 illustrations) coloring book, click here. Featured is the cover page and “Suhoor” because my girls immediately said in unison “Ooo, I want pancakes for suhoor.” ;-) “Okay, inshaAllah…it was on my list anyways.”

This is really a perfect quick dawaah – educational piece to introduce non-Muslims to Ramadan. It serves as a quick Arabic  and Islamic lesson with all the important things basics to our most sacred month. It’s so good, I’m going to share it with my all my non-Muslim family (young and old) right now!


Click Here to download this FREE Ramadan Coloring Book.













If you have other Ramadan activities or crafts to share, please comment with the links below!

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  1. says

    Asalamualaykum, mashaAllah i love the drawings theyre so cute!
    I’m a newbie homeschooler in the UK but i have already put together a Ramadan Workbook available to download for free from my blog, or go to to download and print it off! Please feel free to give constructive (nice) feedback as it’s my first resource!
    Alhamdulillah it has been used by moms, educators and such like here in the UK and overseas (I emailed it out as a Ramadan gift as well as posted it on my FB page) so inshaAllah it has gone to good use.
    Also well done American Muslim Mom for such a great blog mashaAllah.

    Umm Rayyana x

  2. Kenza says

    Assalamu Alaykoum and Ramadhan Kareem,
    That’s wonderful! I had some beautiful printables for my daughter Ramadhan, but none of them explained Ramadhan and all what turns around it as well as this. I am so grateful you posted it, and Jazakoum Allah Kheir for looking for these good things for us.
    Jazakoum Allah Kheir,

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