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Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom, Free ebook by Ponn SabraA best selling author, past columnist for, and a public health official having published twice in the nation’s most prestigious public health journal, mashaAllah (God has willed), Ponn Sabra insists that “Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom” is her most precious written work to date.

Focusing on her Faith in Islam, Family and Finance responsibilities as a Muslim, Wife and Mom, Ponn is proud to offer this concise, 23-page ebook for FREE!

Amanda Mouttaki, Publisher/Owner of shares this personal, motivating and detailed review of “Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom”:

Just over six years ago I took my shahada (declaration of faith) and became a Muslim. I had spent a lot of time reading, studying and learning about Islam before I embraced Islam. I wanted to make sure that it truly was the path that was in my heart. Ultimately, I decided that it was the right spiritual path for me; but, that was only half the journey. As a new Muslim, a new wife, and a new mom, I had a lot of questions about the role and responsibilities Islam prescribed. I must admit that I struggled for a long time, because I was raised with a secular, very pro-feminist worldview. How could I reconcile these two viewpoints?


“Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom” is exactly the resource I wish I had at that time. I found that many available resources on this topic were condescending and written from a male-dominated point of view. This book clearly points out the Qur’an and Sunnah that relates to the topic of being a Muslim mom and wife–the roles God has prescribed for us. It continues to share the simple fact that it is not only Okay, but encouraged to be an intelligent and wise partner to your husband.

This book will encourage you to think about your role within your family. It won’t lay the guilt on you for wanting to be more than “just a mom”. Rather, it will reassure you that being the best mom and wife possible is a goal to strive for and embrace. Far too many resources of this type tend to tell the reader what she is doing “wrong” and what the “right” way of being a Muslim woman is. If you’re looking for that book – this isn’t it. What you will find are

§ Tips on becoming the best wife to your partner,
§ Tips on how to be the ideal mom,
§ Thoughts on why one should to consider homeschooling, and
§ Ways to save money, make money, and even launch your own brand and business!

It was refreshing to read a concise and understandable Islamic book, unlike the typical Arabic-dense, scholarly papers. Ponn Sabra’s lively, conversational and authoritative tone will make Muslim Moms enjoy and love this book as much as I did, inshaAllah (God willing).

This is a must read for any Muslimah – I believe you won’t be disappointed!

More Praise for Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom

Ponn Sabra’s new eBook “Balancing life as a Muslim Mom” is exactly what the title states. A self-help guide on being a mum, a Muslim and trying to balance it all. Having picked up some tips, I think this ebook is a wonderful, timely, passionate, nicely structured, and easy-read. A must-read survival guide with a holistic approach, covering topics, such as how to create a happy home environment, money matters and frugality, all from an Islamic perspective. Although I, myself, do not homeschool, I think its one of the most selfless acts a mother can do; and I greatly appreciate Ponn’s views as strong advocate for the homeschooling lifestyle. Another bonus is that it’s crammed with tips on how to kick start a home business. Ponn offers advice based on her own personal experiences as an entrepreneur, on how she makes money online. A great all round read for any Muslim mother.

- Fehmida Ibrahim Shah, Designer/Owner

This eBook covers the bases for the Muslim mother, with Islamic advice on practical day-to-day living – from educating children to managing money to starting your own business. At the same time, it hasn’t neglected the personal spirituality and personal development of the Muslim woman and has tackled perhaps one of our biggest personal struggles – controlling our tongues. Poignant, straight forward, and direct sisterly advice…wanting the best for her sisters. A book that provides useful advice and resources, mash’Allah.


Ma’shallah! This book is just what the doctor ordered for the contemporary Muslimah, who desires to be steadfast in practicing traditional Islamic beliefs. I wish this book could have been made available for me when I first embarked upon my life of marriage and motherhood. It’s packed with great advice and best of all great resources. A must read for any Muslim mom who is looking to have balance in her life. Be the best at Marriage, be the best Mom, be the Best at Managing and Making your Money, all in the name of pleasing Your Creator; that’s what it’s all about. May Allah grant you success in all of your endeavors Ponn.

- Karemah Alhark, Author of upcoming title Halal,Healthy Meals

MashAllaah a great book for every Muslim Mom to read, inshAllaah. It is a book for success should we follow what Ponn is teaching us inshAllaah.

- Zohra Sarwari

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