CNN: Unwelcome. The Muslims Next Door by Soledad O’Brien

UPDATE: Our preview of the documentary is available here. MashaAllah, God has willed, I feel honored to attend the private VIP invitation-only CNN breakfast and screening of CNN in America Special upcoming documentary “Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door” by Soledad O’Brien this Thursday morning, inshaAllah, God willing. This special report is scheduled to air Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 8:00 pm EST.

This forum is Soledad O’Brien’s idea and she will be hosting about 50

“…thoughtful digital writers from a spectrum of perspectives and focus. The attendees will come from a variety of well-known journalism, media, politics, and faith sites…it’s a private event for digital writers.”

American Muslim Mom Niche. Good SEO & Networking

I feel blessed, mashaAllah, to be given this is an exciting opportunity to represent American Muslim Moms through the American Muslim Mom brand–because I will be a part of the national dialogue about sensitive issues facing us–Muslims living in America. Just like being a minority in this country–in this private forum I’m one of very few Muslims actually invited…and 1 of very few Mom Bloggers.

Like, how cool is that!?

Extremely curious how they found me, they pleasantly shared that it was “through their research” that “I was on their listS” (plural).

Excellent SEO

It didn’t surprise me at all that they found me with search engine research, because that’s how the Associated Press found me when I launched this site. And, alhumdulilah (Praise be to God), just last week an international brand approached found me, so we can work on a really exciting Muslim-specific project that will launch as their debut this Friday, inshaAllah.

Do You have solid SEO for your niche blog?

Well, it’s a bunch of techniques that I share with my interns and my girls–that are not hard. They are simple and extremely effective ways. InshaAllah, I’m working on my ebook write now with great images to walk you through it too. [Please make du'a/supplications for me, as I really want to launch this before this month's end and before we move, inshaAllah.]

As for being on their “niche list” I can only assume that working with CNN writer last year on a story, may have also helped…

And, I even tried to ask politely if any of my (SEO online) press releases from last week crossed their desk…

Although they didn’t share the details of their “lists”, its the collective SEO efforts that helped me rank highest and actually dominant multiple pages in all my preferred keywords and phrases.

Wouldn’t YOU want to be on CNN’s niche list for your website/blog, and be invited to a private invitation-only breakfast?

Online PR

So while I told my partner nearly 2-years when I launched this site, I was saying bye-bye to the profession of Online Publicity/Online PR– by applying the teeny-tiny details to my modest Muslim Mommy blog, I’ve been blindly going with the flow and not realizing that my own blog was a huge successful case study.

The more I applied, the more I was asked how I did this or that.

So, while I initially planned to hand everything over to my partner; we are weeks, if not days, away from launching our 2-year-in-the-making Online PR ecommerce site, inshaAllah.

It’s SO exciting because the “Killer Tips” we share in our infoproducts we *know* our own colleagues don’t know about, let alone apply to their businesses or client’s work. We’re SO excited!

[Again, an extra du'a/supplication would help, because that's this is 1 of 3 sites I'm apart of launching in 2-6 weeks.]

This is a great opportunity for digital writers (online media producers) to work with mass media (traditional media producers) to discuss openly “hot news topics”…don’t you think?

Working with CNN staff

CNN Public Relations department has be extremely gracious, kind and very persistent in their desire to have me attend. It started with a few emails back and forth on Sunday (of all days) and followed-up quickly by another staff member Monday morning at 8:04am. As shared in her voice message, they called back promptly at noon and have been extremely accommodating.

Jennifer and Nicole–Thank You! I can’t wait to meet you both.

Networking Mama

Since I’m proud world-traveling very mobile-mama who takes her girls to every media outlet, appearance, appointment, and my hubby and daddy are working or vacationing, I had to figure things out just to adjust and actually attend an “adults-only” event.

I was laughing hard with a colleague last night, how here I am a best-selling author of a women in business networking book–and Boy, have I stretched my advise as I became a more natural free-living homeschool mom and more devout Muslim, subhanallah…I guess it’s time to update with a new edition, or write another book all together.

CNN even extended an invitation so I can bring a colleague. So, I happily invited Holly Pavlika, Managing Director of BigFuel. Holly and I quickly built a great tweeting relationship, in which she is one of the top bloggers I follow, and turned into guest post about  “Top Ten Reasons Why Brands Should Target Muslim Media Moms”. So, we were tweeting just last week, that we have to meet the next time I’m in the City before I move out West. I know Holly will be able to add wonderful perspective to this interesting dialogue.

My Personal Perspective regarding Masjid Opposition

Now, I’m not sure if CNN did “detailed” research on me…as I find it interesting that as I was updating my Partners and Press pages last week, I actually just found and put up the articles that I was featured in regarding the opposition of a masjid being built in my home towns (Meriden/Wallingford) from 2008 just this weekend!

Talk about odd perfect timing…subhanallah (Glory be to God).

This masjid’s update: First, after all the hearings that I participated I can honestly say, the masjid opposition, subhanallah, here was not a hateful or biased act. The neighborhood concerns were of traffic and nothing unkind, disrespectful or hurtful were ever made during this time. Actually, the neighbors willfully offered to assist in finding a more appropriate location for the founders/owners. So, all I know is that nothing at all is built in the proposed location. Since I moved multiple towns and overseas, I just returned to the States in December and was made aware of at least 2 neighboring towns and cities opening new masajid (mosques) during the past 2 years and there should be a new one any day now here in Meriden, but Wallingford I don’t know.

Subhanallah, we didn’t face anything as shared in the below trailer.

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to hit the Big City again!

Muslims in America: O’Brien Reports on Religious Tension in the Bible Belt

Here’s the Trailer:

Just ask…Yes, of course my girls are going to watch this with me. InshaAllah, we should receive our DVD tomorrow so I’ll be prepared to share our family’s opinion on Thursday.

Southern Hate of Hospitality??

I have to share I’m entering into a wonderful online joint venture with a proud, devout Bible-Belt Christian homeschool mom, and we’ve had nothing but incredible professional connections. In agreeing to work more closely on a project we both feel extremely strongly about (Kidpreneurs and especially Homeschooled youth business owners), she found the time to explain to me that in the South, the homeschoolers are primarily Christian. Which, of course I shared that I knew.

She continued to share a few stories of how different religions were treated in her community and that she will go out of her way to say we’re homeschoolers of all faiths, religion, backgrounds, etc. and that intolerance or poor treatment will not be acceptable.

While I greatly appreciated her strong belief in my work, our growing relationship and her strong belief that she needed to defend or protect me–I lightly laughed along and said “wow…I’m humbled…” and thanked her from the bottom of  my heart. We bonded, we connected, we respected one another even more…we laughed and built a growing exciting relationship.

Now, hubby’s alma mater is Louisiana Tech University and we’ve visited before. We’ve been to the south a few times, and well–while I got tons of looks the past summer when I was in full black in 100+ degree water, I actually got many more smiles, howdy’s, how ya doin’s, kind questions about my clothes and my religion, that my family and I actually experienced more of the “typical” Southern hospitality then this hatred proposed to be discussed at Thursday’s breakfast.

So, what do you think?

I’m VERY curious.

I want to represent “our” voices: Muslim Moms living here in America. Please share questions, thoughts, ideas, feedback that I can bring to the breakfast table on Thursday.

I also want to know what my other half thinks–the non-Muslims who appreciate all that I do here on American Muslim Mom and how being a digital writer during this critical time of our lives is a powerful medium for our voices to be heard.

Follow the rest of “Unwelcome. The Muslims Next Door” series here

Part 1. The pre-screening anticipation.

Part 2. “Unwelcome. The Muslim Next Door” review.

Part 3. The pre-screening follow-up: Leveraging Social Media as an Educational Tool.

Part 4. Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door, the dignified struggle of Murfreesboro’s Muslims.

Part 5. Can social media make the world a more tolerant place?

Part 6. A Muslim and Non-Muslim Mom’s View.

Part 7. A single white Canadian mom new to Islam shares her view of “Unwelcome”

Part 8. Unwelcome Response from an Muslim African American Husband – Descendant of Slaves

Part 9. Win CNN’s “Unwelcome. The Muslim Next Door” Press Copy DVD – Not for sale

Part 10. Help Build the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro – Virtual Fundraiser

Watch it with us Live, April 2, 2011 8pm ET & tweet #musliminamerica

Please, be apart of the dialogue…Comment & Share!

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  1. says

    How exciting for you, Ponn! I’m thrilled that you have such a great opportunity but not at all surprised that CNN found you. You’re serving an important mom niche and your passion is obvious in your writing. We’ve just become friends recently but I’ve already learned so much about your culture and your religion so for that, I thank you! I’m going to set my dvr to record this special.

    • says

      Thanks SO much for all the wonderful support and many kind words Christina.

      I can’t believe we’ve grown so close over the short couple of months myself–as I have learned so much from you as well.

      Your expertise as my Podcast Producer and your ability to give my show so much visibility keeps me on top of the search engines. So much of my success for getting CNN to find me is due in part to you. So, for that–Thank You!

      Oh, and I can’t wait to hear you and your daughter’s view of the show too!

  2. Samah says

    I am looking forward to watching this program and hearing the response that comes after. I am a Muslim mom of three, thank god, born and raised in America. I do feel that people are just scared of the unknown. When you hear the media always saying negative comments over and over again, and not having any knowledge of islam, people tend to believe what they hear or see. It’s sad, because you can’t blame them, but at the same time you wish they can open up their eyes and see that we are all the same in the end. We all want to worship who we choose, raise our children to have the best education that America has given us, and to be the best wife/husband, and to be able to provide for your family. If you put religion to the side for one second, you will see that we all want the same thing. We all have hopes and dreams like the person next door. But people can not see past the fact you are muslim, all they can see or remember is 911 and think that all muslim are like that. Or certain peoples actions does not justify others. Do we blame all christians for timothy Mcvays actions or priests that have molested young kids, can we say that all christians are like that or christianity justify these actions? No, ofcourse not. But there is unfortunately a mob mentality that all Muslims are these savages and want nothing else to hurt people, which is far from the truth. I wish that if people are curious or wanting to know what islam or Muslims are about that they would do the research or better yet as a muslim. And when they do, they will see that we are all in this together, wanting the same thing. Peace.

    • says

      As-salamu alaykum dear Samah.

      Jazaka Allahu Khayrun for your detailed comment. You’ve made some strong and interesting points that I echo over and over again throughout all my writing under the American Muslim Mom brand and it gives me great pleasure and honor to be acknowledged for my efforts to share these very common views to a greater audience, such as CNN.

      InshaAllah, you will continue to share your views and become a more active voice in our community.

      Wa salam.

  3. says


    Wow this is very exciting and scary too in a way but the truth is as a Unitarian mom (former homeschooling mom too) and fortunate member of Mom Masterminds with you, and a Southerner to boot, I’m in awe of you, but not due to what you might think.

    You see, I have complete faith in America and Americans to over-come any sort of stereo types and racism, and yes, fear, that persists in a few because by and large “the many” are accepting and even appreciative of those differences.

    My amazement comes in the form of just watching your business success grow by leaps and bounds. Learning from you as I observe, HOW to do it all. And let me tell you, I’ve been at this quite a while!

    I am amazed, and humbled, and very glad I can say “I –kind of– knew her when.” :)

    I will most definitely be watching that show!

    • says

      Dearest Stephanie,


      In Islam, we say “MashaAllah” “God has willed” when anyone shares a compliment, (1) to give thanks to the Creator for the gifts He gave us, keeping us humble and (2) to protect us from envy and anything bad that may occur because we are not thankful or appreciative, such as arrogance, or the lose of the abilities, talents or gifts.

      I am so incredibly touched on ALL levels personally and professionally. I know you’ve been in this online biz world as I see you as one of the advisers…so I cannot begin to express how I feel right now.

      I’m not sure if you know this, but I’ve been online since 2004, on & off, extremely successful, then completely offline, and this time around nearly 2-years of sticking to what I believe is “my” thing–being the Muslim Mom that I am living here in America…with tons of wise working delegation, evaluation, and dedication my work is gaining the momentum and visibility I believe it deserves. So…for me it was a longgggg beginning…longggg start-up, but now that I believe I have the right systems in place, absolutely incredible support team, phenomenal mentors–all of these efforts are and will finally pay off in the end. If it doesn’t pan out financially, I know that focused on “Staying Centered at All Times” on my faith, knowing that I’m sharing my humble tips, tools and resources because I’m living to please Allah/God…I already feel blessed by my many rewards.

      So, no…you don’t “kind of”…we do know each other and it’s not “when” it’s now! ;-)

      I’ll definitely post a follow-up post to see what everyone’s review is for the show on Sunday! Please come back and share.

  4. says

    MashAllah – I am so impressed and proud of you – what an amazing opportunity! One of the questions that I think is important to bring up because I personally get asked this all the time, where are the moderate voices — I know they are there (heck I’ve been in those major conferences and denouncements!) but the media has no interest in picking up those stories! Also, when a violent act is committed by a Muslim, why is that they are immediately labeled as such (a Muslim criminal..) whereas someone of another faith is “disturbed, deranged, troubled etc” and their faith is not attached. I think these questions are more targeted at the media than the perpetrators of hateful acts. As someone else said I know a lot of people act they way they do because they just don’t know and have bad information to go off of. I love my country and I love the people here but it’s a real wakeup call when you go from the majority to the minority (and not always a pretty experience).

    • says

      MashaAllah. Jazaka Allahu Khayrun dear Amanda.

      Interesting points you share. That’s the difference between researching, reporting and covering the news and creating propaganda.

      CNN’s Anderson Cooper for example is taking great strides for covering the Taliban and the MiddleEast Egypt, Libya, etc.) So, CNN has definitely put themselves in a league of their own. There was obviously still production editing issues, but covering the stories themselves is charting new grounds not seen by any other “news” agency. ;-)

      So, I’m real curious how and where Soledad O’Brien takes this particular documentary, as this is definitely “The Next Big Story”! [FYI, that's the title of her new book.]

  5. says

    Salaam/Greetings Ponn,

    So wonderful, Alhamdulillah, to see your blog doing so well. As part of the organizing team of the American Muslim Consumer Conference (, we see the importance of bringing attention to the fact that Muslims have been and will continue to be a fabric of the American society be it culturally, socially, or economically. Yes, I am a Muslim mom, but I see myself no different from my friends who are Christian moms, Jewish moms, etc, or just plain moms who have no religious affiliation. The bottom line is that we all want the same things for all our children, and those wants are universal.

    Thank you.

    • says

      Wa-alaykum asalam Sabiha.

      Yes, being a mother and wanting what’s best for them are universal motherly desires.

      And, jazaka Allahu Khayrun for your kind words, AMCC’s continuous support as I feel strongly about your organization’s mission and feel blessed that we’re on the same page in all our work–which stems from our sincere desire to please Allah, subhanallahu wa T’ala.

  6. Faheem says

    I hope, it will help both Muslims and non Muslims understand how to cross the bridge of misunderstanding.
    I hope so.

  7. Susan says

    Salamat and Congrats Ponn!
    Honestly, when I see negative comments from people, for example on new article posts, I feel so discouraged. I realize that people are simply ignorant and are fed by negative stereotypes, but their posts are so vehement that I usually don’t even try to counter them. Perhaps that is why individuals with a public voice only hear the negative comments and believe them to be the reality. We are silent from discouragement, but we quietly rely on Allah. Meanwhile, we are busy caring for our families, encouraging education, giving to charity, and being good Americans. Many younger Muslim women are taking leadership roles and are excellent examples of intelligent, active citizens.
    The rhetoric about going back to “your country” is so off base. This is where we are from, a pluralistic society, and we don’t belong anywhere else. We’d be labeled as foreigners “there.” Besides, we are working for a better America “here”, and we contribute to our best ability wherever we see need.
    Best wishes for your CNN experience. Thanks for asking for our input.

    • says

      Wa-alaykum asalam dear Susan.

      Jazaka Allahu Khayrun for sharing your poignant views.

      Well–I’ve never been the “silent” type and far from the “defensive” ones either. I think a lot of the success of American Muslim Mom is my ability to ask for the community’s input, touch upon “controversial” issues in the most unbiased, highly-researched viewpoint, and express myself eloquently for others to contemplate deeply on my messages of not speaking from one-side…well, so I’m told given all my reviews, testimonials, ranking, ratings, etc. mashaAllah.

      So, I have not nor will not take this opportunity lightly and will evaluate my views so I can add to the conversation in the most calculated yet personable means possible.

      Never be discouraged by poor views, articles or comments–my husband and I instill great amount of pride and courage in our girls to be the very young Muslim women that they are becoming, mashaAllah.

      Yet, as the Rasul, sallahalu alayhi wasalam…whenever defensive debates cross my path from educated, open-minded dialogue, we talk away proudly. Not out of disrespect, but out of Pure Respect not to waste either of our time, energy and resources–me and the debater.

      I’d rather spend my time happily over here in my permanent spot in the blogosphere and educate, share, have fun and keep light to the many blessings Allah has bestowed on me and my family, mashaAllah.

      May Allah accept my humble words as ibadah. Ameen.

  8. says

    With understanding comes acceptance. Fear is a sickness that is perpetuated through misinformation or lack of information. I commend you in getting yourself seen and heard. And thanks for some SEO nuggets.

    • says

      Dear GiveOpp.


      And, thank you kindly for your kind words, support and appreciation for who I am, what I do, and how I’m here to help!

      Stay posted about SEO, I’ll be sharing a ton more about that topic in the coming days!

    • says

      Wow, I’ve never heard that before Kelly.

      But, yes; that is quite the analogy to my life, this blog, and my online business–and it’s success mostly due in part to having you as my mentor and taking your lead. I am graciously thankful for your support and belief that I can *and* will be heard! ;-)

    • says

      Wa-alaykum asalam dear Sue,

      Jazaka Allahu Khayrun, I haven’t seen this report before. Very thorough, I’ll definitely have to add it to my detailed research list. InshaAllah, it’d be great for CNN too.

      And, for your du’a. Ameen.

  9. says

    As Salaam Alaykum.

    Insha Allah (God willing), I’m looking forward to watching this documentary (even though I don’t have cable). I hope to see the recording.

    It’s really scary to see how people view us and how they show hostility towards us based on the actions of a few and newsfeed from the media.

    I hope the documentary will be one to create a solution and understanding.

    Good for you Ponn! I’m glad you’ll be attending the screening. I’m proud of your work & enthusiasm.

    Thank you so much.

    • says

      Salam dear Tawakalt.
      Jazaka Allahu Khayrun for your kind words and support. Please note that my new posts, we’ll be hosting new ones until the next show next Sat.

  10. Nazneen says

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh… Mashallah sister, you have been chosen as the voice of the believing and practising Muslims living in America. May Allah SWT always bless and guide you and your dear family. May HE continue giving you the strength to work for strengthening our Deen.

  11. says

    Congratulations Sister Ponn for going to this breakfast and representing us as Muslims,Moms,Sisters,Brother,Fathers etc. My husband is a Saudi Arabian Bedouin Muslim and I want to advertise my Islamic site on my car and my husband removed the signs on either side of my car and my Islamic websites bumper sticker that advertised my site because he is afraid for me. He is afraid someone will hurt me because I am a Muslim. I will not be afraid. I just feel sad because there is so much anger all vented towards Muslims and the misconception that most Muslims are terrorists. You are a good role model for us. Your strong,articulate,empathetic,and caring and I think you will do us justice as Muslims and as believing,kind,peaceful,caring people. Muslims on average earn more than the average American.And Muslims on average get more education than the average American.And I believe education overrides ignorance and that we are an open minded connected people.I believe you will represent us and our thoughts really well.Thank you for taking the time for this wonderful opportunity to help enlighten the nation who strives to do better and hopefully with this educational piece the American people that are not Muslims will become more accepting of us and embrace us as a God loving,educated,charitable,kind,people.fee aman Allah Dear Sister Ponn,Debbie Al-Harbi

  12. says

    I am thrilled for you and I think this documentary needs to be shown. We cannot continue to “hate” classes of people just because of who they are and what their beliefs are.

    You know I home school my kids and we will watch this together. One thing I pride myself on is that I teach ALL my kids that we are people first. We never judge anyone, that all of us are human beings and we all deserve respect.

    I applaud you Ponn. You are an inspiration!


  13. says

    Mashallah Ponn, what an incredible opportunity! I am absolutely thrilled for you to be able to be a part of such an important forum. Your intelligence and eloquent way of speaking will surely represent Muslim women in a way we’ve been praying to be seen. For far too long we (Muslim women) have been portrayed incorrectly as oppressed and less than our male counterparts.

    Everyone here has posted excellent points. I truly feel that as Muslims we are misunderstood. Mainstream America is going based on what the media tells them about Muslims. I feel very few are actually making the effort to research (correct sources) to learn the true meaning of Islam. The recent hateful demonstration in Orange County in which things were wrongly accused about our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made my heart ache and tears roll down my face. I kept thinking to myself “If only you truly knew Muhammad (pbuh) and his teachings.” There just is not enough correct information in the media about Muslims.

    Another issue is hearing people continually ask “where are the moderate Muslims?” Why are we the only religion that has to continually step up and defend ourselves repeatedly over the actions of a insignificant percentage of a misguided few? (If anyone wonders why Muslims around the world have issues with America, they should study America’s foreign policies.) Plus where exactly are we to proclaim our stance on terrorism and Islamic extremists so that the whole world knows how we feel? Shall I jump onto the conveyor belt at my local grocery each time I drop by for a gallon of milk, take control of the PA system and announce, “Hello, my name is Amnah and I’m a moderate Muslim.”? I was tempted to write “Moderate Muslim” on the back of my car, but as one reader commented, I knew my husband would worry about any backlash I might get from advertising I’m Muslim. But my hijab does enough advertising I suppose.

    I sometimes consider my (itty-bitty) blog as a way to show the [blog]world that I am Muslim and I am the same as them (non-Muslims). Muslims throw parties for their kids, Muslims bake cookies, and we have issues with clutter. (Loved what Susan said above.)

    Good luck at the breakfast Ponn! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Now if we can just get you on Oprah…

  14. mike says

    How about if we put 10,000.00 people from Tennessee , to their country they will destroy them people why dont they understand why they like us they burn our flags if they get an american they behead him or torture him of course i would be upset them comming here you have tobe very careful of muslims espscically when they grow in numbers in usa can you imagine 911 land an they want to build a mosque what a slap in the face

  15. says


    My daughter is 10th generation American.

    Our ancestors well most of them who choose to come to this land ran from religious persecution, they wanted the freedom to worship God. They wanted to be able to stand and be counted.

    My 10th generation American born daughter( her ancestors arrived here in 1789) is also MUSLIM. She chooses to be. She has that right. Her forefathers fought so SHE could be FREE to chose.

    Who are you to take away that right?

    As for flag burning, Americans have burned their own flags in protest over the years. It is not just something done over there.

    As for fearing the growth of Islam in the USA. Did you know many white Americans are converting because in it the find they can worship ONE GOD, in peace.

    Muslims who are here in America for the most part want peace. Yes, there are nut jobs but you will find those in any faith.

  16. Hanna says

    As a convert I feel particularly scared when seeing the true colors of people come out. When we (Muslims) want to expand our place of worship people get worried and assume the worst. No place of religious worship should gain such ridicule, in 2011 in the U.S., this is un-American. Everyone can worship and build places of worship as they see fit. I personally do not feel like I need to explain myself for my beliefs because others are afraid, or ignorant. I was very upset at the African-American man so upset about the masjid expansion. He of all people should know that his people were not wanted in this country as full citizens. I am also very disturbed how many people have said go back where you came from. I am American born here are were my mother and father. The only recent immigrants were my mother’s family from Sicily. But the rest came over here is slave ships. So, go back to where! I hope that more is discussed on this topic on CNN, and there have more focus groups throughout the U.S. with Muslims and non-Muslims.
    The hate must stop for the sake of all.

  17. Rick says

    I cannot believe people can be so stupid and ignorant! This is unreal I especially find that lawyer to be stupid. Who says Islamic is a religion? Well let us see here who says your religion is real who says your god is real? These people piss me off so much I cannot even start to explain this. There is a huge difference between culture and religion they should try reading a book or something. These people are talking about the taliban there is a huge difference! There has been very many Christians who have committed crimes yet no one has a problem with those people. This is America you know land of the free that includes religion. As for that Afro American guy he is very ignorant does he know he comes from a line of slaves? What is wrong with these people? There are so many things I would like to say however I am angry right now so this is not the best time to speak. Also, it you pay attention Americans went into these countries on their own to kill their people! No one asked them to go there they went there for oil and control. Look at the facts! Give me a break. These people want to live free in America but no one who is Muslim can? That is just stupid leave the Muslims along and let them live.

  18. An American who doesn't hate. says

    I watched the CNN special: “Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door.” last night and came away disgusted in the bigotry, ignorance, and “blind ‘christian’ obedience” spoken by several people of Murfreesboro, Tenn.

    It really made me sad that there are still people in this world who wear hatred as a badge of honor.

    If anyone wants to build a Islamic Center in my backyard, I will proudly help build it. The sooner we learn to live together, the sooner we can work together to make this world a better place.

  19. says

    Thank you Hollie! I am a revert. My family has been in this country for many generations. Where do I go? I am Irish, French, German, and Russian. Does that mean I get split into 4, just because I CHOOSE to follow a different faith. I was Catholic but I found something that works better for me. And yes on my Some reason I get the.. Oh did you do that for your husband? Umm. I never met my husband until a yr after I converted. No.. I have a brain and used it. Everyone has the right to do what they feel is in their best interest. I understand that their have been extremist. however, throughout history you will see them in EVERY faith.

  20. salam says

    Soledad O’Brien program
    The Muslims Next Door

    Those American racist shown in the program, are the grandchildren of the criminals who were in British Jails, and were dumped on American shores, and who massacred the Native Americans who fed them, and enslaved African Americans (The bigoted lady S. Wall looks and sounds like a daughter of one of them).
    Most human mass crimes like WWI, WWII (30 millions killed), the Holocaust, the Crusade …etc were not committed by Muslims but by people like this lady Wall. I am sure she supported the killing of the Million innocent Iraqis who never attacked the USA.
    The Rich Witch should thank Muslims for her wealth which was built for 50 years on the cheap (almost Free) Muslim’s Oil (the biggest robbery in history). Instead they attack Muslims.
    The racist cowards hate Jews and Blacks more but they are scared of them, so they attack Muslims.
    I feel sorry for these racists, they are narrow minded, they worship Money, Sex, Booz, and Guns, paid for by fake disabilities, Muslims stolen Oil, and Chinese loans. I hope they do something positive with their life, other than just hating others.

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