Let’s Celebrate a Modern Eid Event! An Eid Decoration Giveaway Party!

Let's Celebrate Modern Eid Event with modernEID decorationsNow, I’ve been decorating my every single Eid  all by myself. For years, the only way to force the girls into bed early is by reminding them we stay up after fajr to prepare for Eid prayer…so that’s not many hours for Mama to cook, bake and decorate a surprise fajr for you! They knew the drill, they hear me rustling in the kitchen and they’d yell “Mama…it’s seems yummy!”…”No…delicious!”…”No…” and hubby and I would stop the  argument (though very thoughtful and complimentary, mashaAllah) by yelling back up the stair “Go To Sleep!”modernEID front-view dining room table

Anyways, as my girls worked very hard this past Ramadan making every single iftaar and most of suhoor with them, simply because they love cooking and baking; I asked if they’d like to break mama’s tradition and bake with me? Decorate with me? In chorus, they screeched their surprise, and starting hustling and bustling around the kitchen–3 more energetic little Ponn’s mashaAllah! Anyways, they knew by the time they went to sleep the night before Eid a couple things were missing: gifts and aidya (Eid money)…so in excitement and exhaustion, they happily forced themselves up the stairs so I can still have my big Eid fajr surprises.

modernEID cupcake topper and gift cardWell, with new traditions come new opportunities and well…when, modernEID decided to be listed in the Eid Gift Guide; my girls and I were SO relieved to FINALLY see some classy,  simply elegant, ‘professional’, and extremely unique Eid decorations, gift wraps and accessories! It’s about time!

Having spent Eids in the US and Muslim countries, my girls and I have had our fair share of tacky, gaudy, over-the-top in such a bad sense, incredibly-loud, overtly-childish, too Islamic (yes–we’ve always been simple is sheik) or too much of an imitation of non-Muslim holidays that it’s so impersonal that it does Not attract my family or I as special of unique.modernEID are gift boxes

While, I’m by no means a professional at making Eid decorations, I knew one day a company would come up with something worth purchasing…and that’s exactly where modernEID comes in! Amazingly, their prices are SO economical as well. Once I received the modernEID review package, I immediately shared with the founder, that she should’ve just added the white table clothe too; because it was SO convenient to purchase online (okay, pick my review products) and have them delivered right to our front door! So, running to the dollar store for table clothe was an added inconvenience…but, totally worth it, don’t you think!?

Check out our buffet snack & desserts arrangement. The hostess, mashaAllah, took us to the buffet table, and when we took everything out of our big paper bags. One by one she put them back in the bags, and said “No Way! These look so pretty and precious…we’re taking this ALL insider…just for us!” The girls were so proud and honored, that I said “Subhanallah, Glory be to God, even popcorn can look pretty, huh?” Everyone laughed, and she replied “You know…? Eeryone LOVES popcorn; but no one ever brings it to a party…let alone dress it up so pretty like this!” Again, the girls felt right at home, subhanallah. [FYI, we were new to the community, so this was our first Eid invitation and modernEID helped break the ice for the girls to bond with the host family. We were remembered of the near 50-75 attendees, and we met a handful of newbies just like us. Alhumdulilah, the hostess went out of the way to introduce us to everyone, mashaAllah. I’m sure it wasn’t all because of modernEID, after all the girls and I baked and prepared the food too…modernEID just helped bring our desserts to more people’s attention! ;-)]modernEID decorated Eid snacks, desserts and homemade gifts

Do You Want to Celebrate Eid the modernEID way?

You have many ways to enter this exciting “Let’s Celebrate a Modern Eid Event” Muslim Mom Blogger Giveaway Party!

We have 5 Muslim Mom Bloggers each hosting a Giveaway for modernEID Eid Party Kit valued at $25. You can enter at every single blog, but you are only able to win 1 prize.

Eid Party Kit (value $25)

        • decorative print
        • decorative bunting
        • table runner
        • buffet labels
        • dessert picks

Muslim Mom Blogs Participating

Grand Prize: $50 modernEID gift certificate

However, every single one of your entries on every single blog, included this main campaign post, will be an entry to a Grand Prize of $50 gift certificate to any modernEID products you’d like, inshaAllah T’ala.

Now, the truth is, I know the other Muslim Mommies are much more artistic and creative…and big-time-cooks; mashaAllah, unlike me, so when you hop around the blogosphere to enter…please stick awhile and soak up some of their awesome content. After all, we only work with the best, mashaAllah. I truly love all these sisters for the sake of Allah dearly, and keep them in my du’a often!

Order Your modernEID decorations & gift accessories today! Proceeds to go to East African famine

In their debut Eid al-Fitr to Eid al-Adha season, modernEID is donating proceeds to the East African famine. Visit modernEID today to place your order, inshaAllah, God willing!

 Enter to win a modernEID $50 gift certificate

Deadline date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time.

Contest Rules

  • You must adhere to all the rules as stated. Shall a winner be chosen who did not complete these rules, he/she will not be eligible to win.

You must visit modernEID comment below telling us which theme you’d like to celebrate your Eid al-Adha (Modern or Arabeque), and explain why. Also, please share what attracts you most to modernEID products?

  • To be eligible to win you must be a U.S. or Canada resident, and 18 years of age or older.
  • Winner can only win 1 prize across all blogs. However, you can enter everyone’s contest.

For Additional Entries

For additional entries, you may chose to complete any one, or all of the below actions. You must write a separate comment for each additional entry you complete below. (A winner is chosen by the number of comments, not the number of actions taken.)


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Disclosure: I am organizing this campaign on behalf of the American Muslim Mom Media Network. If you’d like to be considered for future campaigns, apply today–it’s free to join! I received products free of charge. I was not influenced in anyway to share only positive remarks. After all, lying is haram (prohibited). ;-) You’re welcome to read American Muslim Mom’s disclosure policy and contest disclosuremodernEID - Eid Decorations

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  1. Brittney House says

    I really like the Mod theme because I love the colors and the cute design on the banners and cupcake sticks. I like the website because they layout is very easy to navigate. The page also has a very clean look because it’s not cluttered with extra stuff along the sides.

  2. susan smoaks says

    i would love the ramadan theme and i am most attracted to modern eid products because they are so up to date!

  3. Sharmina Zaidi says

    Assalaamoalaikum! I love modernEid! I saw the Eid decor – AWESOME! I always try to get the kids excited about Eid. There’s so much out there for them to get distracted by – Halloween, Christmas, Valentines. So whatever I can do to make Eid more appealing to them, I do. I think a modern Eid balances tradition, family, and of course, Islam. We all come from different backgrounds, eat different foods, and celebrate in our own way. But we are united in our celebrating this holy-day :)

    We have a lot of extended family near by, so we could use the decor. I’m sure everyone would love it. I like both the Arabesque and the Mod. I love blues and greens, but because of the weather and fall colors, I think I’d go with the Arabesque, Insha Allah! Jazak Allahu Khairan for your hard work!

  4. says

    I entered and like all the above blogs except for Habeebee Homeschooling. I was unable to find the ModernEid post on their website. If you can share that, I would be able to comment on that post also.

    I have FB, tweeted and done all the rest. Good luck everyone and I would love my blog to be considered for reviewing such products in the furture! :)

  5. Samia says

    Growing up in the U.S. in the late 80′s, Eid was something that I looked forward to every year because of the overflow of love, family and gifts. While material wealth was not in abundance, a strong feeling of community was. Now I feel that as people have accumulated more wealth, they’ve grown apart, either in emotions or physical distance, and Muslim children have gravitated towards wanting to celebrate the holidays of others. As Muslims, it is imperative that we continue to show our children how important (and fun) our holidays can be.

    The Mod design by ModernEid would totally help me towards reaching that goal. I have never been able to find any Eid decorations where I live, much less the beautiful and classy items that ModernEid provides. ModernEid’s products would definitely leave an impressionable impact on the children and adults that visit me this upcoming Eid.