Beware of Procrastination As It Prevents You From Doing Good Deeds – Tips For Muslim Moms

SubhanAllah, Glory be to Allah, I’m so happy I asked my email list what are the top issues preventing our Muslim moms from staying motivated. What are their hardest areas in life to remain faithful to Allah, maintain health (religious, mental, emotional, physical, etc.) in our roles as mothers, and how we can explore our critical roles as financial managers to our household’s wealth (money, property, investments, saving, etc.)

By asking these questions I can better prioritize what issues to discuss first.

Procrastination Tips for Muslim Moms

Procrastination Tip #1 for Muslim Moms

The first thing response was “don’t put off for tomorrow, what can be done today.”

The conclusion of this particular fatwa regarding procrastination shares

If you start to do something, then hasten to do it and do not slow down or neglect it. Hastening to do such things is a praiseworthy action:

“And march forth in the way (which leads to) forgiveness from your Lord…” [Qur'an: Aal ‘Imraan 3:133]. If you start to do something, then stick to it, even if it is only a little, for the most beloved of deeds to Allaah are those that are continuous, even if they are little.

If you have time to read the fatwa, I highly recommend it since it talks in great detail how we should always prioritize Allah, subhana Allahu wa Ta’al, May He be Glorified, in all that we do, even if it’s as small as many dhkir (remembrance of Allah).

Procrastination Tip #2 for Muslim Moms

I wanted to start with the topic of procrastination because this sister shared, “I’d rather have a routine with regard to schooling and the Islamic learning and In Shaa Allah, it looks like in another couple of months…”. She that they are an extremely mobile family due to her husband’s work schedule, different timezones, etc.

Yes, it’s easier said then done, but you’re asking a mom of 3 girls who for 4 years was in a different city, state or country no longer than 4-months at one time. We were never in the same time zone, flying, driving, even on boats and ferries across timezones.

Establish a routine with the pillars of Islam guiding your day,  and most appropriate for your own family and present circumstances–NO one else’s.

Our only routine was our daily five prayers, ibadah (acts of worship), healthy meals, and the girls getting 9-12 hours of sleep at night.

Routines can and should be ANY routine that meets your present situation; not a “routine” defined by anyone else.

Procrastination Tip #3 for Muslim Moms

Act now, speak now, learn now, and seek assistance now!

SubhanAllah, since we home/car/airplane-school; we obviously take every opportunity to educate our girls in their religious and secular studies.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to seek refuge with Allaah in his du’aa’s (supplications) from feeling helpless and laziness, and he taught us to strive to do things which will benefit us in this world and in the Hereafter. He told us: “Strive to do that which will benefit you, and seek the help of Allaah, and do not feel helpless.” (Narrated by Muslim, no. 4816). Always be conscious of Allaah, because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“O you who believe! Fear Allaah (by doing all that He has ordered and by abstaining from all that He has forbidden) as He should be feared. (Obey Him, be thankful to Him, and remember Him always,) and die not except in a state of Islam [as Muslims (with complete submission to Allaah)].” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:102]

To remain conscious that death can be upon us all, all the time; we’re forced to Pray as if it’s our last prayer, fast as it’s our last day of fasting, speak righteously as it’s our last time we speak to this person, learn as much as we can as if cannot learn anymore, and ask forgiveness as a devout Muslim, as if we’ll never wake up for another day.

It’s not a morbid way of living, it’s a liberating one! We teach our girls that we should act as if there’s no second-chances. It forces us to act with taqwa (God consciousness), have no regrets, and remain humble as servants to Allah.

Now, to some practical tips:

Procrastination Tip #4 for Muslim Moms

Access Your Duties and Time, Then Eliminate Distractions

You need to find where you’re most productive and when you’re most distracted. Apply the 80-20 Rule to your daily activities. Do more of your productive duties during your most productive hours in your day; and eliminate or at least wean out the distractions and even block times in your day to take care of these distractions.

For example, if you’re writing a school or work assignment, close down your emailbox completely. I love gmail so much because I use it for google voice, google docs, google drive, google+, youtube, gchat, etc. However, just writing all these google products, there’s obviously a dozen distractions just by having gmail opened in one tab. So, I close that tab completely when I’m working. I train my girls to do the same, since we use these products for homeschool assignments too.

My girls and I get the most hard-core homeschool subjects like Chemistry and Algebras/Trigonometry after lunch. So, I don’t pick up the phone. However, I know I get a ton of housework, sweeping, dusting, preparing salad and dinner when I’m on the phone. So, I typically call back once the girls’ studies are done.

Procrastination Tip #5 for Muslim Moms

Organize your workspace…even your desktop!

 Lynette Chandler has been my go-to-tech-chick since I came online in 2005, and when JuJu and I saw this wallpaper last week, we were so excited! We immediately downloaded it, and while it has only been a couple days, I LOVE it!

I crave organization…though I’ m not the best by any means. I basically have 3-4 piles on my desk at any given day which is pretty high, but I ALWAYS know what the piles are: (1) MOST important things I’m using right now (2) To Do pile: To read, to review, to call, to mail. (3) I know I need to do it sometime soon…I’ll search here when I really need to do it…but, it’s there nonetheless.

The additional piles are when they get so high, I have to divide them to “work” or “school” or “hubby”, but typically they’re all in 3-piles:

1. Most important/Current

2. Important/On-going

3. Slightly important/Pending deadline to do IF I have time.

That’s why I love this wallpaper! It’s the very first wallpaper I’ve ever downloaded online after all these years. Click on the Image to Download Your FREE Productivity Wallpaper!Productivity_Wallpaper_By_Lynette_Chandler

Post It Notes: “Working On” = My #1 Desk pile. “Delegated/Waiting On” = My #2 Desk pile. And, a 3rd post it note is really unnecessary, but I’ll ultimately slide it over to Post It #1 or #2, right?

The shelves are “Toolbox”, “WordPress” and “Learning”.

I always hated looking for the right desktop folder: downloads, Mama 2013 or Computer. Then, “Where’s the trash!?” Now, ti’s all organized in order.

I put a Notepad for my “Learning” articles, listing them in order that I need to read and apply for my business. Since it’s Sunday, I didn’t put up my Notepad in “Delegate” which will be schoolwork for the girls and assignments to my outsourcers.

I see this wallpaper staying with me for a long time!

Procrastination Tip #6 for Muslim Moms

Celebrate Small Successes and Stay Focused on Realistic Goals

At the time of emailing my list, my girls and I had nearly 2-dozen blogs and websites, and just last week, I added another two:

1) A sales page to one of the biggest projects I’ve ever invested my time and money into: Online Press Release Success – The Ultimate Online PR Kit. It was always on the back-burner…it never made my 3rd or 4th desk pile, but I’m glad my Tip #7 (Accountability partners) encouraged me to spend some time on this project, because I’m making some of the top sales in our 10 Day May Madness $7 deals. Until May 15th, you can also get this product regularly $47 for only $7!

2) We launched EBook Bestseller Journey – and the very night we launched, we received the biggest compliment to “Celebrating Small Successes” while “Staying Focused on Realistic Goals“; our kindle book coach called my girls and I “A shining example for all kindle publishers” mashaAllah, God has willed.

By setting realistic goals, it should also cut down on perfectionism. In all honesty, once I adopted the title of “Mom” I lost all desire for perfectionism…it’s about doing our best, and allowing ourselves to be human and let others see us as the imperfect mortal and infallible people that we are!

Procrastination Tip #7 for Muslim Moms

Have an Accountability Partner or Community

I have one business partner who we brainstorm, share our news, ideas, woes and successes. We share all our resources and grow our networks. We split anything and everything we can, and grown our businesses because of our partnership.

I also give a TON of credit to my professional and personal growth and the online successes of my girls to Kelly McCausey and Solomasterminds. If it wasn’t for the 10 Day May Madness deadline to submit an infoproduct, I would’ve never launched my sales page which I hired a copywriter over a year ago to write. I actually never seven read the persuasive, humbling story she wrote that sells our products even before you hit the “Buy Now” button. Kelly partnered the with incredibly successful Melissa Ingold two months ago, and they launched a $7/month membership level–which is simply spectacular. It won’t stay that low forever though, so if you’re remotely interested, sing up today!

While these are both business-related, it’s important to my personal and religious growth because (1) I’ve learned to integrate online business principles into the girls’ homeschool education, and (2) I’m incredibly more efficient with my time and resources so I can better prioritize my lifestyle which means:

Waking up at fajr, praying 5 times a day, reading Qur’an, volunteering whenever I want, traveling to be with family whenever we want, fasting and more Qiyal al-Lail, and much more.

Also, with much guidance, American Muslim Mom continues to grow year after year, and I can prioritize helping our ummah by answering critical concerns of YOU–my loyal, dedicated readers…working all for the sake of Allah and His pleasure. I’m working for His acceptance, with my husband’s approval, and my girls’ great motivation. Don’t forget, it was MY girls who wouldn’t let me sell because this is and will forever be our humble act of building sadaqah jariyah–on-going charity, inshaAllah, God willing!

InshaAllah, God willing, these few tips will keep you procrastinate less. I’d love to read your tips as well!

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    It is so important to be reminded, especially when we think that we can’t get anything done because of young children. How did you do when the girls were babies and toddlers, especially that you had to deal with health issues as well? MashaAllah!

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