Top Ten Reasons Why Barefoot Books Rocks! Review and Giveaway

Have you ever heard of Barefoot Books? Well, if you haven’t, here’s just a peak of what fabulous books they published and products they produce!

From a few tweets, to this review and giveaway–Hey, I even became an Ambassador in the process! Listed below are

Top Ten Reasons Why Barefoot Books Rock!

  1. Cloth-covers. High-quality book crafting. Having started book collecting with my husband this past summer, with 100+ year old books, I have to say; I have not seen, touched or smelt new, high-quality book craftsmanship like this is years! Book publishers are SO darn cheap these days.
  2. Gorgeous Illustrations. The art of each and every single page is fascinating. You can catch my girls and I spending long minutes just admiring the art.
  3. Illustrations unique to the story. Ever see art in a picture book that has NO relevance whatsoever to the text on that particular page? Or, worse–not the whole book. Well, that is not the case with Barefoot Books. Every corner, inch of every page has meaning and significance. It’s mind-boggling at its perfection really!
  4. Global Diversity & Cultural Appreciation. The wide range of topics from different cultures is so vast, from typical countries to explore like Mexico & Egypt–but, have you even heard of Galapagos before?
  5. Books for All Ages. As you know my girls are 7, 9 & 10 years old, and Barefoot Books are geared to toddlers, young children 4 – 7 years. They just recently expanded to 8 – 11 years old. But, we are NOT bored at all. The illustrative art plus the magnificent craft of the words make these books collectibles in our home library to share with any of our family and friends! Oh, and these are perfect for newborns to toddlers too. Never underestimate our babies. Hey, all my girls read by 3 years old, mashaAllah (and that was before the hot “Baby can read” projects).
  6. Picture Books Enriched with Rich History, Great Geography and Language Lessons. Every book we just read, yes–simple pictures; taken to the next level. Already we journey through the craft of writing; then you top it off with history, geography and language lessons.
  7. Intimate, Interest-Building Incredible Learning Experience. Words are intertwined so ingeniously, that the learning process is natural rather than forced. The books beg you to stay intimate with the author throughout the story. And, my girls’ attention span is peaked during the story so much that they want the added appendixes with great desire, rather than boredom. The interest that is build through every flip of the page is absolutely incredible!
  8. Hear Barefoot Books Live or 24/7 on their weekly Podcast. It’s as if you have a library of professional authors in your own home! Even better than the local librarian, and sometimes even me LOL (I’m a mighty book reader–ask my girls, mashaAllah, God has willed).
  9. Family-Fun, Educational, Relaxing, Challenging Products too! I can not begin to tell you what a difference these Yoga Pretzels cards has done for our lives. Man, I haven’t done Yoga in so long, I had to search my own archives to find that free resource I used “regularly”. Anyways, my youngest daughter and I participated in a field day with ~20 7 year olds, and one 20-minute session was using these fabulous cards. We had a blast, relaxing, stretching, and quietly energizing ourselves for the rest of the day’s activities. Little did we know, last year–that they were Barefoot Books.
  10. Read One Book and You Too Will Want to Live Barefoot!

Explore. Imagine. Create. Connect. Give Back. That’s what Barefoot Books is all about. It’s exploring other cultures, our planet, ourselves. It’s making time for make-believe and letting imaginations run wild and free. Most of all, it’s about using the power of stories to nourish the creative spark in everyone and strengthen connections with family, the global community, and the earth.

Bonus 11.

I guess, I’m in for slipping in one more of everything.

11. Barefoot Books Promotes Literary (obviously) and Charitable Causes, and Green Living. When given the chance to review their products, I immediately wanted to know more about the PBS Kids Global Gift Package.

PBS KIDS and Barefoot Books are committed to guiding kids on their own special journey of discovery and growth. So reach into your eco-bag and get ready for an adventure with your little explorer! In these paperback Barefoot Books, children learn to count in Swahili, learn to speak Spanish in Mexico and are introduced to the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. $5.00 from the sale of this product goes to support PBS. Your purchase helps PBS KIDS provide opportunities for all children – from every walk of life – to explore and grow.

Featuring paperback editions of Off We Go to Mexico, We All Went on Safari, and We’re Sailing Down the Nile.

To purchase Barefoot Books

Have a grand ‘ol time, searching for the right selection of starter books by checking out the main site here.

Oh, and they’re hosting their Winter Sale right now: 60% off until February 8, 2011!

Start a home-based business

  • Earn commissions from 20-40% of retail value, plus loyalty points.
  • Market Barefoot Books online
    Promote Barefoot through websites, blogs or social networks and earn 20-40%.
  • Create fundraising opportunities
    Earn 50% and free shipping on all orders over $500.

Ponn…You started another side-job!? Well, no. As an affiliate marketer, I’m simply choosing to promote Barefoot Books online with these nifty affiliate buttons and links; which in turn helps me have some extra cash to buy Barefoot products at a discount. No inventory. No hassle. I do have an awesome home library collection started though! And, you can too.

Enter to Win one $25 Barefoot Books eGift Card!

Deadline date: Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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  1. says

    My granddaughter would love Who is in the Forest, and My Granny Went to Market.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

    • says

      Salaam sister Saba.
      1st you need to tell us what you’d purchase if you won to qualify, so please return & amend your comment.

      Also, because you follow us both, you can make another comment as it counts for 2 separate entries. Khair, inshaAllah.

  2. Christina anne d. says

    I’d buy the Around the World 100 Piece Puzzle and the book “Tales of Wisdome and Wonder” annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. Christina anne d. says

    I follow Barefoot books on twitter (I’m wowtotweet) annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com

  4. says

    As Salaamu Alaykum,

    I would so love to get the yoga pretzels or even the the pbs kids global pack. these books are super nice! Jazakallahu Khair for sharing with us!

    • says

      Wa-alaykum asalam.

      We totally LOVE these 2 things!

      And, wy-ayakum–my pleasure. InshaAllah, we’ll be sharing our reviews of individual books in the near future too.

  5. tina page says

    I would get the barefoot book of monsters and a calendar of festivals. they have such a great selection!
    trixie420247 at yahoo dot com