Four “GOTCHA” Fees When Using Prepaid Debit Cards

As with anything these days, it seems that along with the many choices and freedoms we have there also comes more responsibility. This is no different when looking for or using a prepaid debit card. There seems to be a lot of debate out there as to what is less expensive, a traditional banking account […]

Natural Home Remedies for Treating Back Pain

A person’s back must support the weight of his or her entire body, and most physical activity involves most or all of the back, therefore, it is subject to many types of strain. An individual can experience back pain along any part of the spine; however, low back pain is the most common. Various factors […]

Why Are So Many People Now Using Prepaid Debit Cards?

Consumers have learned to adapt amidst the current economic challenges, and it is now more important than ever before to save as much money as possible by avoiding unnecessary bank charges and associated fees. Prepaid debit cards are quickly becoming popular with a very diverse group of individuals. Although the prepaid cards used to be […]

Instilling Leadership in Future Generations

Instilling Leadership into Future Generations

With Islamophobia on the rise, as seen by Pastor Terry Jones’ recent Qur’an burning stunt and the anti-Muslim hearings conducted by Rep. Peter King, it is more crucial than ever for Muslim Americans to accurately represent ourselves in every facet of our society. As a Muslim American mother, working to raise your children to be […]