Audio Post- Life in Gaza: Remembering Allah so Even a Building Bombing Won’t Wake Us Up at Night

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This a follow-up recording to the 1st Gaza recording (11th Muharram/Dec. 7th) and audio entitled, “Family Du’a.”

Show Notes:

The hardest thing about making a true fast is acting like a Mu’min (true believer) & watching one’s actions – rather than not eating or drinking

  • Three strikes, and you’re out.
  • Bad word, bad attitudes, bad actions (hitting), while fasting.

Saying “sorry,” seeking forgiveness & working towards never doing that bad action or sin again

  • How to truly say, “I’m sorry,” in Islam is an emotional, spiritual action with the right intention and genuine attitude that’s deserving of Allah’s approval
    • One must truly feel sorry
    • One must ask for forgiveness
    • One must vow and promise not to do this sin again. One must not “try” never to do it again; we must genuinely and consciously not do this again.

The strongest person is Islam is not the most physically-strong person but…

  • The strongest person is not the physically-strong person; rather it’s the one who can control one’s anger. The one who watches one’s temper and resists fighting back. The ability not to react, but to reply and impart a lesson to be closer to Allah for oneself and the other person.

Giving peace to the Messenger of Allah (sallahu alayhi wa salam) during difficult times

  • Peace, harmony, joy between girl cousins
  • I’m known for my ability to mediate fairly as a firm, strong, and strict adult to whom everyone listens.
  • Who do you work for? Another person, or for the sake of Allah?
  • Making light of the situation, I felt the glows, smiles around me, the pleasure in their hearts, I felt Allah was with us, everyone felt it around me.
  • Are you sorry the situation took place and blew out of proportion? Are you sorry we wasted this time? Are we happy we learned a lesson?
  • Saying, “I’m sorry,” Allah knows your intention.
  • Come back elevated. Happiness, peace surrounding else.
  • Nuances of argument are meaningless; what is important TO Allah? What’s important for you FOR Allah?
  • I don’t want you to be disappointed in yourself.
  • Little issues of little arguments.
  • Remembrance of Allah—some happy stories…but, the truth is

Living in an oppressed land with local bombings and killings

  • We don’t fear dying, even though there are surveillance airplanes and local bombings.
  • Things you want to do before you die.
  • Reminders of praying as if it’s your last prayer, fasting as if it’s our last fast, sleeping and knowing our every word in our night du’a (…”we live or die”).
  • Living through a local building being bombed down and not waking up, nor fearing it.
  • This is normal life and fine.

Elevate yourself

  • Fearing Allah and remembrances of Him is a glorious thing.
  • What’s worth working for…be as close as possible to Allah because He will rush back.
  • Seek sincere du’a (supplications).


Over a month later  as I listen to this audio, and I pray for the peace, happiness, calm, patience, and wisdom I imparted at that time, as it’s getting terribly more difficult as every day passes…Ya Rabb, Please keep us all on the straight path. Ameen!

We’re looking forward to your kind thoughts on all these various issues shared in this audio recording. Please comment below.


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  1. Wenz28 says


    Thanks for pointing out this topics. This is so true and as a person we need to change to become a better person. We should stop saying a word if it’s not good to hear, rather give praises to lighten up other’s feelings.

  2. Divina says

    These are all great notes Ponn! Even you are a Muslim or in any religion, these are all important things that every person should observe.
    Thanks for having this great insights. ‘Till next time!

  3. dawntracy34 says

    I love this post… Peace, harmony and joy when experienced of everybody can give us a better world to live in. Thanks for sharing some Islamic traits Ponn..

  4. Bethany153 says

    Thanks for this informative post. We shall do good things in order to gain good things too! No other thing is important but to earn respect from others.

  5. YnnaRada says

    Hi Ponn! Thanks providing us this info. I agree with you that as a person we need to change to become a better one. And i learn so much on this. Thanks for the post and keep up the good work.

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