American Muslim Mom Podcast #9

Alhumdulilah, Praise be to God, American Muslim Mom is growing! Subhanallah, Glory be to God, I announced new Contributing Muslim Mommy Bloggers to American Muslim Mom last week. Therefore, I have all of them on today to share their excitement and plans for their monthly contributions, inshaAllah, God willing.

Please welcome our new contributors as they are committed to our mission To Enlighten, Educate and Empower You to Take Action in Your Lives Today, as faithful Muslims, Wives and Moms. MashaAllah, our guests are truly as excited and ambitious as I am for adding to my Team!

May Allah bless us and our families. May Allah accept our words as sadaqah jariyah. May Allah accept our efforts as ibadah and forgive our sins when we fall astray. May Allah bless this team’s efforts as He deems fit. May Allah guide us with humility. May Allah grant all Mu’minym jennah. Ameen.

Show Guests

Special Thanks to our Sponsor

Muslim Toys and Dolls banner adAs shared in our show commercial, visit Muslim Toys and Dolls and say you were referred by American Muslim Mom to receive a free gift value at $9.95. Check out the owner’s unique creation: the Little Ponn Muslim doll–a large, soft, adorable hijabi doll named after yours truly, subhanallah, Glory be to God! Having never seen a doll like this before (and we’ve traveled in many Muslim and non-Muslim lands), it’s a must-have for any Muslim home. She even has Velcro removable clothes. She sits conveniently by my bedside, and wears my glasses for safe keeping. My girls and I hug her as often as we can. After all, no one is ever too old to squeeze a doll…let alone a Muslim one! ;-)

Subhanallah, wasn’t this a fabulous show? It was actually much less time-intensive for my podcast producer and I, and really fun! Our shortest show yet–Do you like this length? (It’s ~10 mins. shorter than our average 23-min. show). Would you like to see more shows like this with multiple guests (contributors)? Are you looking forward to all these new articles? What are you most looking forward to?  We willfully accept your kind critiques, as it will only cause us to serve your needs better. So, please share details below.

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