5th Annual Summer Islamic Reading Challenge

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For the fifth year, we are excited to announce the 2013 Summer Islamic Reading Challenge! Major highlights include (a) Acceptance of international participants, (b) ALL entries must be made electronically, and (c) We will host this program all summer long (June – August) alongside the Ramadan Qur’an-a-thon Sadaqah Drive because we found different participants enter both programs, and we want to encourage as much Islamic reading as possible.

2013 Summer Islamic Reading Challenge

5th Annual Summer Islamic Reading Challenge
Hosted by AmericanMuslimMom.com
Sponsor: Muslim Toys and Dolls


  • To encourage literacy, writing and Islamic deen (way of life),
  • To read and review Islamic children and adult books from June 1, 2013 – August 31, 2013,
  • To create a comprehensive list of recommended Islamic books, and
  • To share the reviews with as many Muslim children (and non-Muslims interested in Islam) as possible by publishing reviews on AmericanMuslimMom.com
  • All participants receive a prize.

*Participants may opt not to have their reviews published.


  • Participants must make an official Intent to Participate, between June 1, 2013 – August 31, 2013.
  • Any child from Birth– Senior Year of college/university, who is interested in reading Islamic non-fiction or fiction books (Non-Muslims welcomed).
  • This year we have no restriction on location. All students are encouraged to participate, whether in the U.S., Canada, or beyond.
  • Islamic books read should be at or near one’s reading level.
  • Islamic books read aloud count.
  • Islamic books can only be listed once.
  • Only books read completely count, no partially read books.
  • Islamic books must be read between June 1, 2013 – August 31, 2013.
  • Use the Official Islamic Book Review Form and Reading Journal to review at least one Islamic book. A parent/guardian must sign the form when it is completed.
  • At least one Islamic book must be read and one Islamic book review form must be completed. Reading additional Islamic books is highly encouraged.
  • While one prize will be given to all participants in the U.S., additional Islamic books, games, gift certificates, etc. will be selected based on different criteria of various sponsors or the host (i.e., age-appropriateness, gender-specfic products, etc.).
  • Limited to one additional award per child, per summer.
  • Parent/guardian’s email addresses will be placed on the American Muslim Mom email list.
  • The Founder/Owner/Publisher of AmericanMuslimMom.com and her family members are not eligible for prizes.
  • Islamic schools. You are allowed to list the full-time, weekend or summer Islamic academy that you are a student of (you may only list one school). For homeschoolers, we recommend that you register as a local co-op, study group (youth halaqah). Whichever school has the most participants will receive a group of Islamic Books donated to their libraries.
  • Deadline for submission: August 31, 2013.


  • Register your child/ren from Birth – Senior Year of college/university, during the Reading Challenge period of June 1, 2013 – August 31, 2013 (details below).
  • Complete the Official Islamic Book Review Form and Reading Journal.
  • Children read books at their reading level, or are read-aloud to by an adult.
  • Complete one full Islamic Book Review, and list additional Islamic books read on the journal with all sections completed. A parent/guardian must sign the form when it is completed.
  • Only electronic submissions will be accepted this year. Please email the filled journal to contact<at>americanmuslimmom.com.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate by October 15, 2013.
  • Special prizes will be awarded to different age or selected groups by criteria stated for that prize.
  • Deadline for submission: August 31, 2013.

How to Register:

[Purpose: We need to know the first name and age of each child to purchase the correct amount and appropriateness of prizes.]

  • Participant must be officially signed-up on or before August 31, 2013.
  • Participants cannot register until the Official Kick-Off date of June 1, 2013.
  • Comment below on this Official Kick-Off webpage with your child or children’s first name(s) and last initial(s), age(s), and gender(s).
  • Having problems? Email: contact<at>americanmuslimmom.com

About Host: Ponn Sabra & American Muslim Mom

Ponn Sabra is a highly-prolific public health official-turned-best-selling author, internet marketer, and columnist. She has been featured in the Associated Press, Washington Post, Fox, ABC News and other major media outlets. Sabra is also an Islamic poet, homeschool mom of three online entrepreneurs of KidBloggersClub.com and a  past administrator of an Islamic weekend school, and full-time Islamic elementary learning center and daycare.

AmericanMuslimMom.com was founded in 2009, after Ponn Sabra repositioned her mommy blog that she began in 2005. Since its inception AmericanMuslimMom.com has been the No.1-ranked online blog network and online community for Muslim Moms in the world, and has worked with major brands such as CNN, Buick, Softsoap, Verizon, and Tropicana.

Featured topics include: marriage, homeschooling, green living, frugality, travel, social media, and making money online.

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