4 Ways to Have a Great Relationship with Your Teenage Son

As you know, I’m a mom of 3 girls; and often I get questions specific to raising boys. While I’m an extremely active mom to my nephews and two of my dearest friends actually turn to me for trusted feedback or advise in raising their only-boy crew; I’m always curious to hear experiences and tips from moms with sons to share their opinions and views. Sara is just one example.

Raising tween girls undergoing many physical changes, appropriate privacy is such a big topic and issue now at our home. Alhumdulilah, praise be to God, we have not had any problems; due in part because we are an extremely open family who discusses everything. So, while they have their “own” space and time, it does not mean behind closed doors, or closed Internet usage. Even bathrooms doors can never be locked; and no one has ever ventured passed a closed door. So, it’s all about establishing open relationships girls OR boys. So, without further ado, I’ll have Sara share her advice in this post about

4 Ways to Have a Great Relationship with Your Teenage Son

Navigating relationships with teenagers is rarely an easy task. And many times, parents take actions that they think will have positive effects, but sometimes they end up causing quite the opposite of the intended purpose to happen. These tips will help you navigate through some of the rough stuff you may encounter during those tumultuous teenage years.

Treat him like a young adult. One of the hardest things mothers have to do is allow their little boy to grow up. It’s not easy, but every single little boy becomes a teenage and then an adult someday. Part of the reason this is hard for some mothers is because there’s danger in the world and they want to protect their sons. Be careful not to trap your son in a bubble, though. Forcing your son to see the world through rose-colored glasses and never allowing him to get hurt or make mistakes might keep him safe, but it might also make him want to seek out some of the dangers in the world.

Give him privacy. All teenagers seek out their own space. As you surely remember, the teenage years are a time of big changes and strange happenings in young adult’s life. Allowing your son his privacy will give him the space and time he needs to deal with and navigate these changes at his own pace.

Keep communication open. One of the biggest misconceptions most parents have about their teenage son (or daughter, even) is that just because he doesn’t communicate well, it means he doesn’t want to communicate. This simply is not true. As humans, we crave companionship and communication. It’s your job as a parent to keep the lines of communication open during your son’s rough transitional teenage years.

One of the easiest ways to let him know the line is open is with a small gift and a note. Something that lets him know you’re there for him. Don’t pay retail, either. A quick search will score you some at coupons at NerdWallet—both are great for those quick online shopping sessions. Either is going to contribute to the saving a few bucks when looking for that special, “I care” gift that shows him you’re thinking about him. In the note, tell him that if there’s ever anything he needs or wants to talk about, that you’re there for him.

When he acts up, do not get mad. Sometimes, teenagers act up. It’s just part of the territory. If and when you teenage son misbehaves, no matter that severity of the action, there is a best way to approach discipline. The punishment should always match the deed, and this is for you to decide. The trick to effective discipline is to, as is discussed above, communicate and treat your son like a young adult, because he is one.

Remember, that the teenage years are about sons and parents finding balance—the sons in their lives and the parents with their sons. Each of the above tips are about finding balance too—giving and taking. These tips will not guarantee a smooth ride by any means, but they will help you to skip over some of the big pot holes in the road before you.

Sara is a freelance writer who most enjoys blogging about lifestyle, relationships, and life as a woman. In her spare time, she enjoys soaking up the sunshine with her husband and two kids.

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