3 Legitimate Work-at-Home Money Making Opportunities

My Battle StationI know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the Internet has revolutionized work-at-home employment and money making opportunities globally. If you own a computer and have a reliable, broadband Internet connection, you can earn money remotely by working at home. There are numerous money making opportunities that allow you to create a work schedule around family and other obligations.


It’s Not All Rainbows and Sunshine

One of the biggest drawbacks to finding work at home opportunities is avoiding the scams. The Internet is full of predators looking for an opportunity to steal from unsuspecting people just hoping to earn an honest wage. One way to protect yourself is by simply Googling the company to see what type of information pops up. In many cases, if someone has had a negative experience, they will broadcast it online via a blog, forum, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Always research a company first before you make contact.

Another drawback is that since you’re considered an independent contractor, and not an employee, you don’t have access to medical coverage. Like other self-employed individuals, you’ll have to find and pay for your own insurance coverage.


So Where Do You Find Legitimate Work-at-Home Opportunities?

The safest place to find out about work at home opportunities, in my opinion, is in a work-at-home forum community. You get the information you need right from the source – people who are working or had been working for the companies. These communities are very protective of their fellow work-at-home job seekers – they really look after their own and are quick to blow the whistle on a scam.

Forum members are also good about letting one another know when opportunities come available, what to expect working for the various companies and provide lots of encouragement and support to those looking genuinely seeking work-at-home opportunities. Most work-at-home companies have their own forum communities just for the independent contractors that work for their companies, however, you can learn a lot by visiting/joining these forums if you’re new to searching for home-based work opportunities:


Remote Customer Service Agents

When I first decided to work from home as a freelance writer, I supplemented my income by working as a remote customer service agent for a couple of companies while I search for paying writing assignments. Back then only a handful of companies offered this work-at-home opportunity. Today, however, hundreds of companies have paid home-based customer service for hire positions for independent contract workers:


General Transcriptionists

Most people have heard of medical transcriptionists, professionals who transcribe medical dictations into medical reports and other material. There are lots of other professions that routinely rely on transcriptionist services as well: attorneys, insurance providers and businesses that host tele-seminars.

If you have a computer with Microsoft Word, hi-speed Internet and can type at least 65 wpm, transcription may be the ideally suited for you. Here is a list of companies that hire general transcriptionists:


Online Freelance Writers

Google Panda updates have done a number on the content mill community in an effort to improve the quality of content on the Web. Unfortunately, it’s left many writers who regularly turned to these companies for fast cash scrambling. Just because the content mill business model is currently on shaky ground doesn’t mean there aren’t still decent paying gigs available for writers seeking work-at home-opportunities. Here are a few paying markets to consider:

  • Errant Parent (Topics: Parenting-oriented humor, essays, poetry, etc.)
  • Serious Eats (Topics: Recipes, restaurant reviews, kitchen tips, etc.)
  • WOW! Women on Writing (Topics: Interviews with women writers, writing, marketing and contest tips, etc.)
  • AOL (Topics: Lifestyle, travel, technology and various other topics)
  • Politics Unlocked (Topics: Current events, national politics, Whitehouse/Congressional/Supreme Court happenings)
  • Dollar Stretcher (frugal living tips and advice)

Do you know of a legitimate work-at-home opportunity that wasn’t mentioned in this article? If so, please share!

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  1. Nicole Schuman says

    Online freelance writing now are really on it’s verge. Actually, few of my friends are freelance writers. Thank you for sharing this..

  2. Coline says

    I think, creating articles is one of the effective home base business and there’s a lot of money from it…

  3. says

    @AnntaLou: I hope this information was helpful

    @Nicole Schuman: Yes, the Internet has provided a lot more paying opportunities for freelance writers.

    @Coline: Yes, it can be one of the easiest, low cost home-based businesses to start.

  4. Robbie says

    Great information! And I have a friend worked as an Xbox game tester now. He works at home and the payment seems pretty good.

  5. says

    @Devhon: Thanks so much for your kind comment. I appreciate it. :)

    @Robbie: That’s great! Sounds like your friend found an incredible opportunity that aligns with his interests. I think it’s really important to to find something you REALLY enjoy doing. The work is so much more fulfilling.

  6. Dianne says

    I am fun of making money at home, without pressure and you are comfortable enough… I love constructing ideas that why I am enjoying writing different types of article…

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    @ Diane: I’m glad that you’re doing well with article writing.

    @ Steve: I think it’s important to know your target market when selling services as a web content writer. I’ve found that if you are reliable and provide high-quality content, you have better earning potential as a writer.

    @ Ronifelle: Thanks – I hope the article was helpful!

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    Ihave always wantd to try an make money from home unfortunately my typing skills are not a s fast as 65 word per minute. Thanks fosfor the info anyway.

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