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My name is Ponn Sabra., and I've been working online since 2002. Lead by faith, inspired by family and determined to live a happy halal life, I'm a sleep-deprived wife to my beloved hubby, and mommy to three tween and teenaged girls. We're all bestselling authors and own over 2-dozen websites and blogs.

I love to laugh and think simple things are "SO cool!" A hijabi at heart, I dress ironically like a tiny, thin, black pawn (Ponn--get it?) on a chess board. ;-) My only goal in life is to please Allah, so raising Mu'minyn (true believers) is my full-time job.

I strive to provide all Muslim mommies with the tools, resources and inspiration to do the same. For example, I publish Islamic ebooks and kindles, products to help your online business, the first and only Eid Gift Guide since 2010, the upcoming Quick Guide to Islam book series, and host the 5th Annual Summer Islamic Reading Program and Qur'an-a-thon Sadaqah Drive. Come tweet with me @ponnsabra. Read more about me here…


American Muslim Mom 2014 – Halal Homemaking and Homeschooling

As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatu, May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. InshaAllah, God willing, this post is read in good health and strong eman, faith. Alhamdulilah, Praise be to Allah, I haven’t given up on the American Muslim Mom brand or blog–I’ve just re-purposed it. My Year of Simplicity The […]



What Questions Do You Want Answered In Islam?

So, what questions do you want answered? Days away from publishing Book 1 "What is Islam?" and I'm curious what questions you want answered. Upcoming Quick Guide to Islam Titles What is Ramadan? What is the Oneness of Allah? Who is Prophet Muhammad? Who is Prophet Jesus? What is Salah – Prayer? What are the 6 Pillars of Faith? I … [Read More...]

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I don’t know…but, thankfully Allah Knows Best!

Jazaka  Allahu khair, May Allah reward you for your good deeds. Thanks for all your inquiries and du'a, supplications. Yes, I've been silent since my "Happy Ramadan" email-card on the first of Ramadan. I'm sorry, but I'm simply speechless. The only piece of mind I have is that Allahu alam, Allah knows; and I do not. I find myself saying over … [Read More...]

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Allah’s Prophets and Women of Islam: Ramadan Review and Giveaway

As you may know we're a huge board game and flash cards family. I simply have too many posts regarding how we adapt portions of board games in the car and airplane, to always having more flash cards as our means of "playing cards" as fun, educational pasttimes. Well, we were gifted the Women in Islam cards and absolutely loved them. I didn't … [Read More...]

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Ramadan Giveaway: Ultimate Web Design Package from

Earlier this year was a big rebranding for me: I moved to I was growing up. I was now officially a "teen"--whatever that's supposed to mean. As Muslims, we don't celebrate our birthdays, so age is irrelevant--most of the time. However, I cannot deny that many things did become available to me once I turned 13, … [Read More...]

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Muslim stickers and books for kids

Toys for Every Super Muslim Child - Muslim Toys and Dolls


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Fashion Eid Gowns Part 3

In my introductory post of I shared all three girls in their new Eid gowns. – One stop shopping for girls special occasions – Fabulous dresses at affordable prices. Dresses and gloves were provided for us free of charge for our honest review. Top 10 Reasons We Love The list is in no particular … [Read More...]

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